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  1. warnerjd53

    warnerjd53 New Member

    My wife has a Le Pan TC 970, I have a Le Pan II. They have worked great but recently she developed a firmware problem with her tablet. Not a big deal but when I went to reload a fresh install of the firmware I realized that the volume down button on her tablet is not working. The factory designated way to reinstall firmware is to hold down on the volume down button while pressing the power button, but to install new firmware you have to be able to use the volume down button. What to do. Anyone have an idea of how to work around this. Is there anther way to update the firmware. Thanks

  2. lafondabrown

    lafondabrown New Member

    I have the same issue. I just popped open the back & tried to repair it (same issue as the power button failures), but it still does not work :( Did you ever find out an alternate way to get to the firmware update screen?

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