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  1. ryegauvin

    ryegauvin Member

    So I had this problem with my nexus 7 and 10. (though I no longer have my N7). when listening to music on the speakers on full volume, it is quiet. As in I have to strain a bit to watch youtube videos, and Netflix is way too quiet to use. But then suddenly for no discernible reason the volume would ramp up really loud for a few seconds, then it would go back to being quiet. But the thing is, that's the volume its SUPPOSED to be at. But the volume sounds like what it would be if I put headphones in and then cranked the volume. (and didn't put them on). I know for a fact that I have never put headphones in this device at all at any point, so I know that the N10 isn't somehow confused with it thinking the headphones are somehow still attached and it adjusts the volume accordingly. Although I do use a Bluetooth speaker, but that's used to make it louder, and I've never taken the bluetooth volume off of full either. (Used the external controls).

    This is making my device impossible to use for anything that I actually WANT it to do! Yeah sure, little games and stuff are fine, I don't need that much volume. But how am I supposed to watch Torchwood when all the voices are whispers and the explosions sound like finger snaps (and not BOOM)? This coupled with the fact that when I share location data (For google now) It restarts itself every few hours. I am so frustrated with google. These are supposed to be the best of the best products!

  2. cowboy78

    cowboy78 Member

    That happened to me too, on my N10, but the problem went away when JB was upgraded 4.2.1 to 4.2.2. Also, the wifi started working better--no more random drops.
  3. ryegauvin

    ryegauvin Member

    I've had this problem on my n7 (rip) since the initial 4.1 release. And it never got fixed on that. And it died before the 4.2.2 update. Then enter the n10 with the exact same problem! And it came pre loaded with 4.2.2.

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