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  1. creative2008

    creative2008 Member

    In the past few days I've started experiencing a problem with the phone's volume.

    Started one morning when the alarm was ringing very quietly, despite the volume being on full. Then later that day I was using a news app to watch a video and after a minute or so of the video the level of the volume dropped - again the bar was still set to full.

    Finally, I had a timer ring very quietly under the same circumstances.

    I was convinced that I had already upgraded to 2.3.7, but my phone says 2.3.6 so I am in the process of updating now.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for a fix?

  2. creative2008

    creative2008 Member

    Any suggestions before I have to take it to the Carphone Warehouse for them to flash it.
  3. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    Are you sure about 2.3.7 ?? my phone have 2.3.6
  4. creative2008

    creative2008 Member

    Ah yes, 2.3.6
  5. Rileyjsg

    Rileyjsg Active Member

    Just today, my alarm snooze came up when i was using the phone and the alarm was so soft i had to crane my neck to hear it, and I didn't change any settings - the volume was at maximum. I then proceeded to make a test alarm, tried smsing myself, the music player and everything was so soft to a point where i couldn't hear it, but the incoming ringtone was not affected though: it was at the correct volume (which was full).

    I restarted my phone and everything worked again. How to fix it? Or do i need to do a hard reset using *2767*3855# which i saw from one of the websites? Since the incoming ringtone worked (when i tried calling myself), it should be a software problem? Will a hard reset solve it then?

    This is my first android phone - I came from Nokia E72 symbian which has too many bugs and am quite sad to encounter problems again... :(
  6. Rileyjsg

    Rileyjsg Active Member

    Anybody with the same problem, or have solved it? Pls help, i want to only reset the phone as a last resort and am not sure if its truly a software problem. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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