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  1. ocpa24

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    I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured I'd just throw it in the general forum and see how it went. Does anyone else get kind of irritated by the way you have to set the volume/vibrate setting for notifications? I want ONE control that will put the entire phone on either silent, vibrate or ring. For some reason I can't choose a master sound profile, I have choices for each individual messaging app.. I really just don't get it, I'm almost dumbfounded by how insanely involved it is to just get a vibrate notification or none at all. Granted I have had and INC since the week it launched and love this phone, I just don't get it. Am I missing something? I put my phone on VIBRATE and NOTHING VIBRATES unless in the program's settings I have vibrate checked, which means it will vibrate all the time, in vibrate mode, silent, doesn't matter. Is there any way to make it so whatever setting I have my phone volume set too or what i would consider to be the "master" volume is what my notifications will do? I realize this is a bit of a rant but I'm kind of flustered over this. I don't understand why the volume control doesn't just control everything collectively. A good example would be, if my phone is on vibrate and someone tries to TikL me... I don't want the sound to come through, which it did while I was in a meeting... not good. Are all android OS phones like this or just HTC? (I will try and explain myself better and maybe edit this post, i just needed to blow off some steam because I feel this is a rube golberg way of setting sound profiles.. :mad:

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    I don't have my phone in front of me so my testament could be wrong... however...

    The HTC widget for the sound profile allows you three settings: Normal, Vibrate, and Silent. Whenever I select one, it does what it says it's doing. Have you tried that?
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    I haven't tried the widget, but I have gone into the menu that does the same thing and have set the phone to "vibrate" but certain things don't vibrate so i have no idea I've missed a message, the only way they vibrate is if vibrate is checked off in the individual programs notification settings (for example google chat won't vibrate with the phone set to vibrate unless it too is set to vibrate...) I just don't get why it's like this. I like being able to select what i want to vibrate when the phone is just set to make sounds, but if i select vibrate instead of sound, everything should just default to vibrate regardless of what i have them set to do when the phone isn't in a silent mode.
  4. batjeeper

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    Again, no phone in front of me but check the market for "Audio Panel" or "Audio Settings"... It's a nice little app that allows you to set your audio settings based on a bar graph. If that doesn't work, I believe that "Quick Settings" or "Dazzle" allows you to do the same thing.
  5. AnotherHiggins

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    2 tips:

    1) Press & hold the power button. A list of options will appear - among them "Silent mode" and "vibration mode". Voila.

    2) try a 3rd party app.

    Both volumer++ & audiomanager put all of the volume controls in one place for free. (FWIW I prefer volumer++)

    Or maybe a profile manager. I used (& liked) Quick Profiles (free in the market) for about a week before paying for Setting Profiles (about $4). It's the first app I've paid for (other than throwing a buck to Dolphin) & it's totally worth it. It has all of the functionality & more that I had read about locale having but for way less money and way better battery performance (from what I've read). It will use cell towers (not GPS) to determine when I'm within 1/2 mile of my office & automagically set a profile with low volume, low screen brightness, no wifi, etc. It's amazing.

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  6. ocpa24

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    A third party app seems like it would work, I guess I'm just having a hard time grasping why my "smart phone" lacks such basic functionality. Is it something in the works maybe to allow the volume controls on the side to control "master volume" and not just ringer or media depending on what program you are in while toggling the controls? It seems so basic to me yet it's actually kind of frying my brain today for some reason. Guess I'll have to DL one of those profile apps.. However, I still wish the phone just did this on it's own.

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