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  1. justaguy93

    justaguy93 New Member

    I recently purchased a second hand Mesmerize with the goal of having a smartphone and high quality mp3 player in one device, however I am not sure how to get Voodoo sound working on it.

    Here is the information for my phone:
    Model: SCH-I500.04
    Firmware: 2.3.4
    Baseband: S:i500.04 K.EH09

    I really don't want to get too far from stock as I just want the stock phone with the qualities of the Wolfson DAC unlocked. I would really appreciate any help I can get with this as my only past experience with rooting was z4root and super1click.

    Thanks for your time,


  2. justaguy93

    justaguy93 New Member

    I should also add that I have done some searching on this and from what I can see the only option at this point is loading a pre-rooted ROM, I am really asking here if there are any other options I may have missed or if anyone knows whether something may be in the works.

    Thanks again,

  3. justaguy93

    justaguy93 New Member

    Ok if ore rooted Roms are the only option could someone please recommend the one that would keep me closest to stock and allow voodoo sound to run? I know these are basic questions but I really am a noob at this and the info out there can be overwhelming at first.
  4. justaguy93

    justaguy93 New Member

    Really? Nothing? Am I asking the wrong question or is there just no way to do what I would like to do?

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