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  1. chermo79

    chermo79 New Member

    I just got my vortex on Tuesday and I can't figure out how to calibrate the touch screen, its off just a little bit plus I am left handed so I always end up hitting the letter next to the letter I want. Please help and let me know if there is a way to do this. I even took it to the verizon store but they didn't help me they said I have to learn how to touch it right instead of doing anything for me. Also, sometimes when I touch an app it does the same thing it doesn't do anything I have to touch the app a few times for it to work.
    Thanks in advance for any responses I may get...

  2. crispyone

    crispyone Member

    I've only had the phone for a couple of weeks and have had the wrong key problem quite a bit a the start but have gotten better at it. I was consistently hitting the key to the right of the one I wanted so I just started aiming a little further left than I though I should. I've also started using the Swype feature quite a bit and really like it. Can't really help you on the app not starting issue. I looked thru the menus and can't seee anything that would make the screem more or less sensitive. I just added a screen protector to my phone and it didn't seem to affect the sensitivty at all.
  3. poptart93

    poptart93 New Member

    this phone is a piece of crap.... life of battery is short... and the screen has no calibration to fix it....there is also nooooooo memory it runs out really fast.... they need to remove this phone from the market... :mad:
  4. trethacker

    trethacker Member

    Sorry to hear you don't like the Vortex.
    I don't know the extent of everyone's cellular knowledge, and I do not want to underestimate anyone by any means, but if you are experiencing short battery life (especially if phone is new(er), you may have a "bad batch battery" or may have set "memory" on the battery with charging/usage habits. My Vortex is a "Certified Preowned" phone, so not new to begin with (battery it came with is new however) and I have very good battery life. Although I rarely use my phone for the actual phone (what can I say, text/email is just easier and more convenient), I use my phone frequently to text, email, run apps, and listen to music and still only charge my phone once every other day at most unless I listen to music for extended periods over bluetooth.

    There are several settings, options, practices, and misc things you can do in order to sustain/extend battery life. Maybe you just have a bad battery from the manufacturer (it's an electronic device... it happens more often than people think). Or maybe the battery has "memory" set it in and it is eating away at your battery life. Also, I haven't looked yet, but maybe there is an extended battery and battery cover available for the Vortex if your needs require it.

    When I bought my phone I was debating the Ally vs the Vortex.
    The touch-screen only keyboard, lack of decent internal memory, and only shipped with 2gig MicroSD (Ally ships with 4gig... wtf?) certainly were downside factors. I don't mind not having touch-screen calibration as I own an iPod touch that doesn't have that ability either and I just train myself, as crispyone stated, to accept and work with the occasional "to the right" miskey on the Vortex as it seems they all have the same issue. Using in landscape mode where ever possible seems to help that some, but it still happens. A friend of mine even took his in to the dealer and complained, asking them to calibrate it, and they told him it was just that he was typing wrong and to be more mindful of how he is typing, and with practice it will get better (LAME excuse but same basic meaning as "we cant fix it... it's just part of the phone's bugs).

    Overall I am glad I chose the Vortex, and after rooting, custom recovery and ROM, and some tweaks, most of my original reservations on purchasing this phone are barely an issue or even non-existent. It's not the GREATEST phone out there by any means, and doesn't measure up to the actual Motorola Droid line for sure, but as far as mid-line Android phones, it's a decent phone.
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