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  1. AbhiRockz

    AbhiRockz Well-Known Member

    Here is some great chance for you guys to make
    your device i.e. Samsung Galaxy Y run Android 4.0
    that is Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Just go -

    *** New Device Forum Voting Thread *** - xda-developers

    and vote for our beloved device Samsung Galaxy Y.
    If you don't have an account on xda.developers then please make one.
    It hardly takes 5 minutes and in return you get ICS !!!

    For Voting Go To That Page..And Click Register And Then Vote Galaxy Y.

    More Votes = More Chance For ICS In Galaxy Y.

    So getting ICS is on YOU now..

    (This Is Closed)...We Have Our Forum In XDA..Thanx Everyone For Voting...

  2. AbhiRockz

    AbhiRockz Well-Known Member

    Guys...Vote For Galaxy Y ...Our Device Is In 4th Place In The Voting Section..So We Need More Votes Share The Link And Tell ThemTo Vote For Galaxy Y.
  3. jayem123

    jayem123 Active Member

    i have voted for this too +1
  4. chaitanyak

    chaitanyak Well-Known Member

    yeah done galaxy y is in 3rd position cum on guys vote dere we need more votes
  5. turtledroid12

    turtledroid12 Member

    +1 vote on xda forum. :)
  6. famous84

    famous84 New Member

    stop creating a silly thread..
    can't you read *** New Device Forum Voting Thread *** ???
    or your english is that bad?
    it was just a poll to make a new sub forum on XDA for galaxy Y. and it has been made.
    how's *** New Device Forum Voting Thread *** related to ICS????
  7. AbhiRockz

    AbhiRockz Well-Known Member

    Hey bro..just chill I created this thread to make people to vote for galaxy y..Actually without xda galaxy y forum you device will never get ics..bro so just stop with such comments...
  8. Guntru

    Guntru Active Member

    Seems, I'm late
  9. AbhiRockz

    AbhiRockz Well-Known Member

    Hey guys...This thread is closed...we got xda galaxy y wait for ICS...

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