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VPN Connection!

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  1. hillin-fantasia

    hillin-fantasia New Member

    My boss bought me the LG Eve and, of course, he didn't check the Android version before buying it...

    So, is there any way to get VPN working in this phone before Android upgrade?
    And also, how i can or can i get root access to this phone?


  2. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    Yes, you can get TunnelDroid installed on the phone for VPN connections, but first you have to root it.

    I've rooted my wife's Eve and I'm in the process of writing a guide for this forum, but there already a couple of guides from Zacpod, and on the XDA Eve wiki.
  3. homeslice976

    homeslice976 Member

    There are VNC apps in the market. One I found was androidvnc viewer (connects to most popular VNC clients like tightvnc, realvnc on win and linux, x11vnd, and apple remote desktop). There's also an app that's called phonemypc that allows remote administration of a computer that is software based (appears to be a little easier to setup than a true VNC client) (install software on your computer, enter the credentials on your phone and select). As far as root access is concerned, the Eve has been rooted. It requires you have ADB access, this is the best guide I've found for gaining ADB access/Rooting
  4. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    The OP was asking about VPN, not VNC.
  5. hillin-fantasia

    hillin-fantasia New Member

    Thanks britbloke! I get my phone rooted and also vpn is working now.
  6. ramenezes

    ramenezes New Member

    My VPN is not is not working, seems that I don't have tun.ko module.

    How did you install the tun.ko module?

    My kernel is 2.6.27, Android 1.5
  7. maun

    maun New Member

    please up!
    hi all,
    do you have a way to install VPN client on this phone? do you have a suitable tun.ko? can someone do a tutorial to help us out ?

    thx a lot for your answers.

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