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VPN Connection

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  1. billnich2000

    billnich2000 New Member


    Could anyone help me with VPN connection on Nexus 7 tablet. It has Android 4.1 is.
    We have a Fortigate firewall appliance with IPsec setup. There seems to be no app for Android that supports IPsec with pre-shred key and group authentication. We have setup SSL VPN to try on the Android devices. FortiClient Lite is supposed to do the job, but we have had no luck.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Welcome to the forums Billnick2000, glad to have you here :)

    I have never dealt with setting up a Tablet through a firewall before so i will move your thread into the Android Lounge, where general questions and queries are posted and i feel that someone might be able to help you!

    Sorry i couldn't be of any more help, but thanks for joining :D

    EDIT: I noticed this new thread bill, i am merging the 2 together and getting the first post deleted...Hope this is alright and everything gets corrected.
  3. billnich2000

    billnich2000 New Member

    Thanks for the help. Sorry for the post in the wrong place.

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