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  1. bennychase

    bennychase New Member

    Has anyone gotten either openVPN or the native PPTP vpn client working on the Ally? I am unable to find a tun.ko file compiled for the Ally and the native PPTP client never actually tries to connect. I made a post on the LG forums and LG Pro said that the it looks like a issue is with the Ally is causing the PPTP client to not work properly (PPTP VPN not connecting - LG Forum).

    I have tried using connectbot and port forwarding with limited success. Though, it would never be as good as a true VPN.

    Any ideas on how to get the Ally connected to a VPN using either openVPN or PPTP?

  2. Zero5295

    Zero5295 Active Member

    I've been trying to get RaptorVPN to work on the Ally, but to no avail.

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