VPN/screen lock on ICS - is it still there in jelly bean?Support

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  1. teapot123

    teapot123 Member

    I'm running ICS and I want to use a VPN, but the fact the phone won't allow using a VPN without a screen lock code or password is really annoying.

    Is this annoyance still there in Jelly Bean? Cos if it's gone I'll upgrade.

  2. fontburn

    fontburn Well-Known Member

    Why people dont stick one of these on by default is a mystery. Swipe to unlock should be the first setting to change from a personal and corpate security point of view.

    Doesn't help answer the question just my general thought. Sorry.
  3. teapot123

    teapot123 Member

    Really? Isn't it pretty obvious - the fact it's a pain in the ass? :p

    Anyone actually know the answer?
  4. geoffibs

    geoffibs Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's still required in JB I'm afraid.

    I use VPNC it even supports Cisco PIX/ASA, etc.

    I personally think a passcode is a good idea (although far from high security) but don't see why anyone should be forced into applying one just because of vpn - the passcode could easily be brought in at connection point rather than for the entire phone usage. vpnc allows you to enter the password at connection.

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