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  1. peire

    peire Member

    Hi, how do I set the vtl.launcher as default as when I press the home button it goes to another page with black screen and all.my apps showing on the page any help would be great thanks

  2. peire

    peire Member

  3. peire

    peire Member

    Nobody ??
  4. peire

    peire Member

    Looks like I picked the wrong forum to join
  5. kozmo2k4

    kozmo2k4 Member

    What ROM/System are you on? Generally, you can navigate to Settings >Applications>All>Launcher (or Trebuchet if on Android 4+) and press "Clear defaults". Then press Home button and the system should prompt you to select which launcher you want to use. Or you can download app called HomeSmack by TeslaCoil from Playstore and choose default there.
    Hope that helps
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  6. peire

    peire Member

    Thanks I used home smack and it set my home default of my choice

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