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VZ Galaxy Nexus Mobile Network Not Available

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  1. spiralof5

    spiralof5 New Member

    I love my GNex. Its always worked fine. After the Verizon rollout of Jelly Bean, I can no longer make or receive calls or text. I'm not sure about data because I don't use a ton of it and I've been on wifi since the update.

    Everything has been stock. I have not fiddled with ROMs or rooting.

    VZ is not available right now so I thought someone here might know what's going on. The limited resources I see on the matter have to do with rooting and installing versions other than VZs rollout.

    Am I going to have to rollback and install it again? Any way to backup my data if that is what I need to do?

    Much appreciated beforehand. I have not tried taking out the battery or the sim card. I'll try that now.


  2. spiralof5

    spiralof5 New Member

    Sorry. Should have checked the sim card first. It popped out slightly when I dropped it the other day. I just jumped to conclusions since JB rolled out the same day it stopped working. Oops:eek:

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