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  1. kingfishracin

    kingfishracin New Member

    Is there a way to disable VZ Protect from my S5? when I do the uninstall/disable apps VZ protect does not have a minus beside of it.

  2. zero66

    zero66 Well-Known Member

    settings apps all disable
  3. kingfishracin

    kingfishracin New Member

    Got it. Thanks
  4. jrowlings

    jrowlings Well-Known Member

    I switched to VZ Protect because Lookout became a huge battery drain. Are you using other protection?
  5. kingfishracin

    kingfishracin New Member

    Yeah I put the free Avast mobile on it. Battery life didn't seem to change after installing it.
  6. mdpetrella

    mdpetrella New Member

    I find the exact 180-degree opposite to be the case: VZ Protect is the battery drain, not Lookout ...??

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