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  1. mdahlke

    mdahlke New Member

    I just rooted my HTC One (and verified root access), I'm now trying to get CWM on there for my recovery. When I type into the terminal "fastboot devices" it shows my phone connected. but when I try the command to flash the recovery it says "< waiting for device >". I've ensured that USB Debugging is enabled and have tried multiple USB ports and have even restarted my machine.

    I'm out ideas on what to try next. Anyone else have a thought?

  2. robertjm

    robertjm Member

    Check the device to see if there is a message waiting for acknowledgement. When I rooted mine a month ago I got hung up till I noticed something on the screen.
  3. mdahlke

    mdahlke New Member

    What do you me message for acknowledgment? I'm in fastboot, am I suppose to see a message on the phone, or the pc?
  4. robertjm

    robertjm Member

    On the phone screen. Like U said this was a month ago, and this was dom memory. If you check, but see no message. then perhaps it was something else. Hope it helps.

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