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  1. truelove79

    truelove79 Well-Known Member

    It typically happens less than 5 minutes into every call for my wife. But today she had 3 20 to 30 minute calls with no issues.

  2. AnotherHiggins

    AnotherHiggins Well-Known Member

    I'm on my second GNexus and have had this problem on both of them (the first one had a lot more problems than just this). They did NOT change my SIM card when they changed the phone.

    I, too, am very interested to know if a new SIM card fixes it.

    For me, it seems to happen between 2-5 minutes into a call. On just about every call, whether inbound or outbound.

    Did they replace the SIM card when they replaced the phone? If you got a new SIM card, maybe (hopefully!) that is what fixed the problem.
  3. kklier

    kklier Well-Known Member

    I've had this problem on all of my phones(3 G Nexus so far). the last time I was on my jawbone bluetooth headset. I switched to the handset and speaker phone and back to bluetooth again, but the directv rep could still not hear me. Luckily they hung up and called me back.
  4. Mr. Orange 645

    Mr. Orange 645 Well-Known Member

    Just received my new SIM card today and activated it. Will report back after a couple days use.
  5. joeramirez

    joeramirez Member

    I have been having the same problem. I was on the phone for 2.5 minutes and then my secretary could no longer hear me but I could still hear her.
  6. Mr. Orange 645

    Mr. Orange 645 Well-Known Member

    I would be curious if this issue plagues the GSM Versions, or just the VZW version...
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  7. joeramirez

    joeramirez Member

    I am on Verizon in New Mexico.
  8. mears

    mears Member

    Yep, this happens somewhat frequently. Just like everyone else has mentioned, I hear the other party fine. The other side has said they hear a clicking noise when this happens.

    Yes. If I enable 4G, inevitably my phone will lose all connectivity and not get it back unless I intervene. If I enter airplane mode while in this condition, it gets stuck and only a power cycle clears it.
  9. esmith818

    esmith818 Well-Known Member

    If anyone subscribed to this thread has gotten a new SIMM card in an attempt to correct this mic issue, PLEASE report back on whether it helped. I just made my first 20 minute call on phone #2 and unfortunately it is behaving the same way as the first. I love this phone, but if there is no known cure for the mic issue on phone calls, I may have to suck it up and get the Rezound instead. :(
  10. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    I really doubt a new sim is going to help. :mad:

    I'm off for the holidays, but the last major conf call I was on was 18 hours, my bionic cut the calls off at about 2 hours.... maybe it was 3... but it was every time.
  11. Mr. Orange 645

    Mr. Orange 645 Well-Known Member

    Installed my new SIM yesterday. It hasnt helped my signal at all, but after several phone calls today, I havent had the silent mic issue...yet. Too soon to say it's fixed.

    One thing to note is the pattern on the SIM card contacts was different thannthat on the old one, sobit was defintely from a different supply of SIM cards.

    Sorry for the typos...no autocorrect in browser is my second biggest complaint.
  12. kklier

    kklier Well-Known Member

  13. reimerj

    reimerj Member

    Take this for what its worth. I was in the VW Cooperate store yesterday about this issue and I was told that it was a known issue and has been identified as a software issue that will be corrected in a future update. He also told me that several people have been complaining about this issue.

  14. esmith818

    esmith818 Well-Known Member

    I took my phone back to VZW yesterday prepared to swap a great phone with one major issue for a Rezound. I mentioned the possible SIM connection and the rep suggested trying a new SIM before swapping (I am already on my second Nexus).

    Obviously, I made a 30 minute call as soon as I got home to test and (amazingly) it was the first time my voice did NOT drop. I'll try to make another long call today, but I'm hopeful that the SIM card may have been (at least part of) the problem.

    I will continue to keep an eye on this thread as well as the Google issue as it seems odd that only a small percentage of us seem to be affected.
  15. ncwxnut

    ncwxnut Member

    I am currently on my second phone and have also replaced my sim card and still having this issue on every call over 5 minutes. I also have to restart my phone in order to make any call where the person on the other end can hear me again. Does anyone know what else may be causing this as Verizon seems to have no clue.
  16. AnotherHiggins

    AnotherHiggins Well-Known Member

    I got a new SIM card on 12/31. I've made several 5-minute-long and longer calls since with no trouble. In fact, I was confident enough that I just used my Nexus for a 53 minute conference call for work. I haven't had the mic drop out a single time since changing SIM cards. Before the change, it happened on nearly every call I made/received.

    As I said before, I swapped my phone last week, but they "let" me keep the same SIM card.

    To make sure I didn't have any hassle at the store, I called Tech Support (*611) and told them about the issue, told them that I had read that it might be SIM card related, told them that I'd like to try a new SIM card, and told them that I was about to drive to my local store and would like to get that new SIM card.

    Being 1st tier Support, the woman said, "Yes, that sounds like what we should do. I'll note the account that we're going to try that".

    I went to the store and they handed me a new SIM card to install.

    Like I said, this hasn't happened since.
  17. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Yes, they did replace the SIM at the same time.
  18. Lev16

    Lev16 Well-Known Member

    Well crap.

    I'm having this issue as well. I got my phone for Xmas, but really didn't have the issue till yesterday (1/2). Maybe I just haven't made any extended calls with it till yesterday...

    Anyways, I was chatting and my friend said he could barely hear me. At the same time, the audio feedback in the earpiece went out and it seemed like the call had been dropped. I pulled the phone back, tried muting and unmuting, and then returned to a normal conversation.

    Today, I was just chatting with my dad and the voice went completely out. I had to call him back. It sucks cuz this is apparently happening to quite a few people. My phone was ordered online. Does that mean I have to deal with it online, or can I take it into a store? I'm hoping that the SIM card swap makes a difference, but it sounds like people have had mixed results.

    Please keep this thread updated. Thanks
  19. keepfiring

    keepfiring Well-Known Member

    +1 more person having this issue - either the other person can't hear me at all or all they hear is clicking noises a few minutes into the call. Hopefully the sim card thing works out?

    A question for those who have gone back to the verizon store - my phone is unlocked but not rooted. Do I need to to relock before trying to get any in-store support, or do they just hand you a sim card?
  20. jrbmed08

    jrbmed08 Member

    I registered with several forums solely to post about this issue, as it doesn't seem to be getting too much attention.

    My sound cut out in the middle of a call and never fully came back. Neither I nor the person on the other end could hear each other. I did soft and hard resets and got a new SIM card as recommended here - no improvement. Occasionally a bit of sound will pop back in and then immediately disappear. I'm currently waiting for Costco to get the phone back in stock so I can return it for a replacement. The guy at Costco said a lot of Samsung builds have a similar issue, either a problem with the headphone jack or a loose connection somewhere in the phone. So it may be a hardware problem...or at least that's my understanding.

    Ringtones, notifications, and alarms still work for me. Music, UI sounds, game sounds, dial tone sounds, and most importantly, calls can not be heard via the external speaker. Sounds can be heard with a headset. The only way to hear a call and to have the other person hear me is to use a bluetooth headset or to put it in speakerphone mode.

    I really don't want to exchange this for a pre-ICS phone, but I'm *this close* to exchanging it for a RAZR. What good is a smartphone if I can't use the actual phone function without a headset?
  21. esmith818

    esmith818 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it matters, but the two times I took the phone back to the store, I made sure to unroot and relock. Prior to that, I made a nandroid backup so that I could just reflash my setup once I brought a Nexus (not necessarily the same one) back home again.
  22. AnotherHiggins

    AnotherHiggins Well-Known Member

    Here's a rundown of the feedback in this thread so far:

    1. Member           Action                    Results
    2. ChiTownJim       Getting a new SIM Card    ?
    3. nerdstaz         Getting a new SIM Card    ?
    4. OfTheDamned      Replaced SIM & Phone      Fixed!
    5. AnotherHiggins   Replaced SIM Card         Fixed!
    6. esmith818        Replaced SIM Card         Fixed?
    7. Mr. Orange 645   Replaced SIM Card         Fixed?
    8. ncwxnut          Replaced SIM Card         Not fixed
    9. Mr. Link         Holding it wrong          Steve Jobs would have loved you ;)
    10. jrbmed08         Reporting different issue  -
    (Man, it's not easy to post a table on this site without resorting to a picture. Shit, why didn't I just post a picture??)

    Well let's apply a bit of logic to the problem:

    To reiterate my personal experience - my mic cut out a couple of minutes into nearly every call I made or received for 2 weeks on 2 different handsets. I used the same SIM card in both of those handsets.

    After putting a new SIM card into my second handset (that had been failing on every call), the problem immediately disappeared.

    Three other people here seem to have also successfully fixed the problem by swapping SIM cards.

    So it's a reasonable assumption that the original SIM cards in our devices were at fault.

    With that being our only assumption, we are led to the conclusion that there are "bad" SIM cards out there. Maybe a bad batch was released or something.

    The fact that swapping the SIM card didn't fix the problem for one single person doesn't disprove that bad SIM cards are to blame. In fact it is to be expected if there are bad SIM cards out there.

    No, not really that mixed. See above

    Please read my second reply where I discuss what I did that resulted in them just handing me a new SIM card that I installed myself. Of course your results may vary.

    That is not the same issue the rest of us are talking about. What is being discussed here is specifically that the the other person can't hear us, but we can still hear them. I never had a problem where I couldn't hear the other person.

    When did you buy your phone? I bought mine on release day from HH Gregg. I was told by both HH Gregg and Verizon employees that 3rd party sellers had to handle replacements and everything for the first 2 weeks, but after than you can just go into a Verizon store.
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  23. jrbmed08

    jrbmed08 Member

    Well, I thought I'd post in this thread because the issues at least seem to overlap, and this thread is getting much more traffic than the ones I'm posting on in other forums. I was hoping the SIM card fix might be helpful for me, and if anyone else has my issue, maybe they'll see this and be able to help me.

    I bought my phone on release day at Costco. I talked to both Costco and Verizon about replacements but am stuck with my current phone because:

    1) No Costco within a reasonable distance of where I live has the phone.
    2) I'm past the 14-day return policy at Costco, so I can't just return it and reverse my contract.
    3) Verizon won't take my phone back for a warranty exchange before 1/9 because of their extended holiday return period. Apparently all exchanges within this period are treated as store exchanges rather than warranty exchanges, and since I bought from a 3rd party, I have to exchange it through them.

    Verizon said I'd get a refurbished phone if I exchanged it through them, and I'd get a new one if I used Costco. I would rather have a new one. But I think the verdict is that I need a replacement, period. If anyone has any other suggestions for me to try, I'm all ears.
  24. AnotherHiggins

    AnotherHiggins Well-Known Member

    jrbmed08: That really sucks. I'd give another SIM card a shot then. IF there really are bad SIM cards out there, it would be possible to get 2 bad ones in a row.

    And it's possible that even if you exchanged through Verizon that they wouldn't have any refurb'ed GNex's ready to go, so they'd have to give you a new one. But I wouldn't want to risk it, either.

    (Then again, based on my experience with all six of my DIncs, it seems like Verizon's "refurb" dept doesn't even turn on the devices and only slaps new screens on if they're scratched - so how long could it take to "refurb" a phone?)
  25. Benjamin Crist

    Benjamin Crist Active Member

    Troubleshooting steps I have performed:

    1) Made sure it was not user error with me blocking mic with fingers in how I hold the phone or hitting the mute button.
    2) Toggle mute on and off - caller cannot hear me in either mute state when this issue happens.
    3) Swapped handset out and used same SIM card per VZW tech's directions. Did a nandroid backup and restore on the new handset and had same issue.
    4) Swapped SIM card out, again per VZW tech's direction. Made a 30 minute call and then the issue happened again.
    5) Wiped both standard cache and Dalvik cache on device.

    None of these steps have fixed the issue.

    I really love this phone, but I believe I should be able to use my phone to make phone calls.

    List of Websites showing customers of Verizon using a Google Galaxy Nexus having this problem:

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