[VZW] Switching from an iPhone; what do I need to know about switching and about the phone?

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  1. Tyler510

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    I am going to be switching from an iPhone 5 to an HTC One soon. iOS is a locked down OS and I don't like waiting for jailbreaks to customize my phone. HTC One looks to be the phone I'm getting unless the nexus 5 is available for Verizon. I have some basic questions. What is rooting? What does rooting accomplish/what can you do when rooted? What's a bootloader? What does it mean that the VZW One's bootloader is locked? How difficult is "S-Off" to unlock the bootloader?

  2. Rukbat

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    Gaining administrative access to the OS.

    Loads of things you can't do when not rooted. Many programs need admin access, like Titanium Backup. Like removing some of the "carrier bloat" (the junk apps the carrier puts on the phone.)

    The program that loads the OS into the phone.

    Basically it means that until someone figures out how to unlock it you can't burn a different OS to it.

    That's one of those "if you have to ask, you can't do it things" (unless you find instructions on the web).

    But you'll find that usually a locked down Android phone is a lot more user friendly and a lot more modifiable than a jailbroken iOS phone.
  3. scotty85

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    s-off in htc speak means "security off" wich basically means access to ALL the phones partitions. you can change the bootloader,radio,splash screen,etc. prettymuch anything youd like,so once s off,it is extremely easy to install root and recovery. s-off gives you the power to brick your device if youd like,so you will need to use caution and some common sense. with s off its important to have an understanding of what youre flashing and why,and to always verify the integrity of downloaded files by comparing md5 sums(if you asked "whats an md5 sum?" google that now ;) )

    other devices are unlockable via htcdevs official unlock program. you can give verizon a big high 5 and thanks for requesting to keep their high end devices out of this program :mad: so currently the only way to root is to achieve s off.

    when you have your device,you can run "rumrunner" s off tool,wich you can find a link for in this thread: http://androidforums.com/vzw-one-all-things-root/778244-s-off-coming-soon.html

    from there we can help you install a recovery,then add root access.

    in the mean time,read all you can,and holler if you have questions. the roms,recoveries,and other files that you use will for the most part need to be vzw specific,but check out the other forums as alot of the info itself will apply.

    espeically check the general section since youll be coming from a completely different OS,and make sure you check out this thread for info on blinkfeed and sense 5: http://androidforums.com/htc-one/691279-sense-5-discussion-setup-blink-feed-etc.html there is a TON of good info there :cool:
  4. mruno

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