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    Recap how to root, install market and fix market.. thank everyone else for all of the procedures
    thought i'd just put it all in one spot...

    *Firmware of your choice from above..
    *Market Install.rar
    *xmlfiles (1).zip
    *ES File Explorer.apk

    extract firmware onto the root of your sd card..(dont unzip inside the rar leave it alone)

    put onto the root of your external sdcard or somewhere you'll find it.(dont unzip it)

    Unzip market install.rar and xmlfiles (1).zip to there own individual folders on your sd card and put esfile explorer on there aswell somewhere you'll find it later..

    1. Flash the firmware, it will reboot automatically.(by turning off tablet then hold down volume "-" then "power"... release power then wait it should start flashing....)

    2. Power off then take the sdcard out hold down the volume "-" and "power" again to get into recovery. Stick sdcard back in then install (use "-" and "+" to move around then "power" to select) REBOOT..

    3. go into file browser find and install ES File Explorer open it and go into settings scroll down the bottom and turn on "root Explorer" and "Mount File System" agree with the pop ups then follow below...(this gives you r/w access to the root filing system)
    whilst your there may aswell click on view and choose details makes it easier to see file properties..

    4. Copy the below files into System/App folder on your device (from where ever you put them on the sdcard)
    - GoogleLoginService.apk
    - GoogleServicesFramework.apk
    - Vending.apk
    Click Vending.apk to install, then REBOOT.

    you can stop there if you like market will work, but you will be missing some apps...

    5. to fix market to get more apps compatible

    1. Backup /system/etc/permissions (just take a copy with ES file explorer..recommended just in case)
    2. copy the xmlfiles files into /system/etc/permissions (android.hardware.location.gps.xml, android.hardware.location.xml,, tablet_core_hardware.xml) agree to over write all of them
    3. Make sure the file permission are rw-r-r (with ES file explorer, long tap then change properties on each help you out all files in that directory need to be rw-r-r)
    4. Go to settings->apps->all and tap Google Play Store
    5. Click on Clear data
    6. REBOOT tablet

    market still not working

    Go to settings->apps->all Go to


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