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  1. MaStA819

    MaStA819 Well-Known Member

    Currently I have an iPhone 4 and I can't wait to get off of the Apple bandwagon because I'm sick of how they act as a company and how much they restrict you on a phone you pay for.

    I'm trying to figure out whether to just get a Galaxy S3 now or wait for the Note 2. Both seem like great devices to me and I don't know what I should do. The Note series is a bit large, but with that comes a lot of cool features it seems. Is the Note a phone that can fit in your pocket comfortably? It just seems like the Note 2 is going to be the best Samsung has to offer for a while. I don't think an S4 is coming out anytime soon and I'm looking to get a new phone within the next couple of months at the latest. I can sell my iPhone 4 for like $280 right now which will pay for most of the Note 2 and all of what the S3 would cost.

    Honestly I am completely happy with the S3, but I just feel like there is something better coming in the next month or two, but I don't know if it will be available for AT&T. If I'm going to lock myself into another two year contract I would at least like to get something that is the most powerful out at the time. I am pretty sure if I call AT&T Enterprise Care they will get me the S3 for probably $99 instead of the $199 that it is going for right now. I've already called and told them their service costs too much when compared to Straight Talk and they waived my $30 unlimited text/mobile to mobile for six months.

    I'm sorry that my post is all over the place, but I just threw my thoughts out there as they came to me. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. aentropy

    aentropy Active Member

    I'm going with the Note 2 because I want the bigger screen and the s pen will be a very useful feature for me.

    The S3 is going to seem giant compared to what you are used to with the Iphone and the Note 2 would be massive. To me that is a good thing but think about it for you.

    Is there any way for you to go look at the S3 and a Note (1st version since stores have it now) just to get an idea on size etc?
  3. MaStA819

    MaStA819 Well-Known Member

    I have looked at both the S3 and Note on several occasions. I was actually just at the AT&T store today again lol.

    I did put the Note at the top of my pocket and it seemed like it would slide into my pocket fine, but I'm curious to know how it feels when you sit down, etc. I like the fact that it is like a mini tablet, but holding that thing up to your head makes you look a little funny lol. I don't really care, but just saying. :)

    I wish Google would get going and announce the new Nexus phone. I think the LG Optimus G was announced last week, but do we even know what carriers it is going to?
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  4. Pioneer74

    Pioneer74 Well-Known Member

    There is always something better coming. If you keep waiting for the "better" phone that is a couple of months out, you'll never get a new one.

    I was going to get the S3 when it first came out, but I decided to wait until my wife was eligible for an upgrade so we can do it at the same time. Since Sprint got rid of the yearly upgrades, I have been feeling less loyal (been with them since 99, wife since 98).

    Looks like were going to end up staying, and with the Note 2 coming, I'm glad her upgrade doesn't come until December. Note 2 for me, and the Photon Q for her because she likes the hard keyboard.
  5. MaStA819

    MaStA819 Well-Known Member

    I understand what you mean, but I've waited this long so I might as well get the new thing when it comes out. I'd rather have something that out performs an iPhone 5 so I can at least say that much lol.
  6. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    Honestly, you probably couldn't go wrong either way. As a current S3 owner the only reason I will be getting the Note 2 is because of the bigger screen, the S Pen feature is just a very nice added bonus. For me personally I'm not worried about it being to big as folks said the same thing about the S3 before it came out. After having it now for 3 months the only way they could make this phone better ( S3 ) is make the screen bigger.

    If I were you since you are coming from an iPhone, I would wait until the Note 2 is lauched & see both devices side by side & make your decision that way. Most of my friends who are iPhone owners ( none of them are iPhone 5 owners, yet ), see my S3 & think it's huge, so who knows what they will say when they see my Note 2. Hope this helps & again, you can't go wrong w/ either device.
  7. MaStA819

    MaStA819 Well-Known Member

    I saw the iPhone 5 in person today and thought it felt so narrow, but I put my iPhone 4 up to it and the width was pretty much identical. For some reason the extra length made it look/feel more narrow. I know this was a little off topic, but for some reason I felt I would share it lol.

    Honestly I think the Note series is pretty damn cool. I don't talk much on my phone at all anyways. I like how it is pretty much a small tablet and stuff. I'm just curious to see how the battery life will be. I don't have 4G in my area and I think by disabling that feature it will make the battery last much longer. The biggest thing making me lean towards the Note 2 is it will simply have more processing power. I'm not saying the S3 is slow, but I would just prefer to get whatever the newest thing is at the time. I'll probably try the Note 2 out and if I find that I don't like it I can upgrade again after a year with AT&T since they allow upgrades yearly...at least to me they do.
  8. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    I'm on metropcs and we should be getting the Galaxy S3 in a few weeks. If metro were to announce they would be getting the note 2 a couple months from now I would wait for the note 2.

    That's just me though. I'm patient enough to wait for the best phone option if it's coming.
  9. BigPeanutHead

    BigPeanutHead Well-Known Member

    As someone else mentioned, there is always something new coming. I wouldnt personally base my phone choice on what is going to be the most powerful personally, because within a few months of getting it you'll hear of an even more powerful phone. I base it on what I need and what will be relevant for at least the next few years (although i typically get a new phone every year)

    Personally I think S3 and Note are two of the best choices you could go for right now for phones, so you are off to a great start with your choices. I have a 4S iphone, the next step for me was going to be the S3 until I saw the note 2. Size when calling etc is not really relevant, as it will literally be a mini tablet to me that happens to have the convienience of making calls within it. I rarely call.

    Maybe think about how much actual call time you will be making, and if the size etc will be a problem. Then go for the S3? If there was no such thing as the Note 2 in existance, my iphone 4s would have long gone and been replaced by a shiny new S3. As it stands, bring on October for the Note 2. Let us know what you choose :)
  10. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    As far as the note fitting in your pocket: I know a girl who has one and it fits in her Jean shorts pocket. Which I probably don't need to mention are tight. If the note fits into that pocket... I'm sure it will fit in yours :)
  11. greenml

    greenml New Member

    I would go for note 2, galaxy S3 seems a little out of time now
  12. MaStA819

    MaStA819 Well-Known Member

    I think you and I will both benefit from the Note 2. Like you, I do not use my phone to call much anymore unless I have to call a tech support company to gripe about something or my family calls me. I browse the web, text, make my calendar, read e-mails, etc.

    Thank you very much for all of the input everyone! It is much appreciated. I just have to decide now whether I should keep my iPhone 4 until the Note 2 is released or buy a cheap go phone to use until the Note 2 is released after selling my iPhone 4. Someone locally will give me $280 for it, but I doubt that they are willing to wait a month or two.
  13. BigPeanutHead

    BigPeanutHead Well-Known Member

    I would sell it, get a cheap tiny phone to use for a week or until you get your note 2, then when you start using that brand new note 2 with that huge screen the impact will be even more immense after using the tiny phone haha. The transition will be sweeter :thumb:
  14. MaStA819

    MaStA819 Well-Known Member

    The only crappy thing is that I will be paying $30/month for my unlimited data and not being able to use it really on some crappy go phone....hmm decisions decisions. If I knew for sure that the Note 2 was coming out in October I would be fine with it, but after speaking with an ATT store yesterday they said it has been pushed out to November. I don't know if he is correct, but it will suck if he is right.
  15. BigPeanutHead

    BigPeanutHead Well-Known Member

    The phone stores in the UK a few days ago confirmed an Oct 2nd release, my order with unlocked mobiles.com was also changed for this new earlier date. I don't know about the U.S .though.
  16. h1r0ll3r

    h1r0ll3r Well-Known Member

    Wait for the Note 2. The S4 comes out in February so getting a S3 now might give you a little S4 envy in about 5 months. I'm waiting for the Note 2 so I can ditch my iPhone 4.
  17. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Can't believe nobody said it:

    "Pics or we don't believe it!" :D
  18. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    I KNEW it! :D
  19. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    When I checked out the iPhone 5 I didn't like how it felt in my hand compared to the 4S. It didn't feel premium and IMO, looked cheap. Also, I think it's light weight and narrowed frame contributed to how it felt in my hand. It felt like something I'd let a child play with and not freak if they dropped it; like a toy. That's it....it felt like a toy.

    To the OP I don't feel you could go wrong with either phone. I've waited this long I'm just gonna stick it out for the Note 2.
  20. MaStA819

    MaStA819 Well-Known Member

    I even took my nail to the back of the iPhone 5 and could see visible lines from my nail. They were not popping out at you, but you could see them none the less. I am going to wait for the Note 2 I am pretty confident. A release next month would be awesome and be much better for my situation, but I believe my best bet is to hold onto my iPhone 4 until the Note 2 comes out and then sell it. I can't be without a smartphone for a month or two. I'm bored enough at work as it is and if I get some basic go phone I might pull my hair out lol.
  21. BigPeanutHead

    BigPeanutHead Well-Known Member

    I think the S4 in feb was recently confirmed as being untrue by samsung. However once you get the S4 then the Galay Note X will be just around the corner, and so on and so forth. In my opinion, it's best to get what you like now or you'll always be playing catch up trying to get the newest thing.

    However if you are one who likes to be at the front regards smartphones, at least with the Note 2 you know that no one's gonna be matching your screen size for a while :cool:
  22. CASUAL

    CASUAL Well-Known Member

    The note 2 is only slightly taller than the note 1. To me tge original note fits perfectly fine in my front pocket. It feels like having a wallet. Ive had it since it came out and sometimes i randomly look at my note and think to myself "this thing is Huuuuuge".. just like everybody else does when they see it.for.the.first time. Honestly its not that big. Its very practical and it still fits comfortably in my levis 569's... And those levis have some tiny pockets too. I say just get the note 2 you'll get used to it and you'll love it. I never saw the note 1 in person before i bought it online, but im glad i.bought it. The note 2 will be better at multitasking due to the quad corr and it will have all the same features as the GS3... PLUS MORE
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  23. MaStA819

    MaStA819 Well-Known Member

    You guys are making me want it more and more lol. I really cannot wait to ditch this iPhone 4...
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  24. Raw Dodge

    Raw Dodge Well-Known Member

    Better check on being able to use your 30.00 data plan, I was told that you have to use a 3g smartphone to keep the data plan, and you don't want to drop that plan since you can't get it again once it's gone.
  25. rajeevk

    rajeevk Active Member

    Well, I go with Note 2 as its is more sophisticated than S3. RAM will 2 gb with enhanced processor and it will be very futuristic as it will support android 5 version also.
    I am dying to see it.

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