Wait for the LG nexus 4 or get a phone that has good specs and an ok UI?

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  1. Luke_m

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    I am planning to get a new phone and i was wondering if i should wait a couple of weeks and get the LG nexus 4, or buy another phone like the samsung gsiii. I am currently on ATT and have the samsung galaxy sii skyrocket and i absolutely hate touchwiz with gingerbread so i want to maybe go with stock android. The LG nexus 4 dosin't really sound like a good phone if the rumors are true like 8gb non-removable battery and no micro sd slot. Is it worth it for the pure google exoerience and bad specs or should i get a phone with good specs but ok hardware like sense and touchwiz?

  2. I would get the SGS3 or LG Nexus 4.

    If you want a smartphone now and can't wait, get the SGS3.

    The LG Nexus 4 will probably have the better screen though (768p).
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  3. Hadron

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    If you can wait a couple of weeks we'll know for sure about the Nexus.

    It depends on how important particular features are to you. Software can be changed, hardware can't.
  4. Luke_m

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    Ya that's very true. I would love to have the stock android experience though.

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