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Waiting for Network Play Store

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  1. haro138

    haro138 Well-Known Member

    Hey I have been unable to download any apps from the play store using 3g or 4g. I just get a message that says waiting for network and the download never starts. Downloads still work over wifi. Has anyone had this error?

  2. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    wipe data for playstore.apk and googleserviceframework.apk..reboot..
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  3. Enroll

    Enroll Well-Known Member Contributor

    I started getting this issue, will try the method above. Hope it works.
  4. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    I got that when I was on 4G or WiFi, started downloading when I switched back to 3G.
  5. Faydes

    Faydes Well-Known Member

    Apparently this is a common 4G error that has been popping up, and do an airplane mode on/off whenever it happens, the works wonders
  6. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    I have had it happen also..usually wiping data or a reboot takes care of any playstore issues
  7. haro138

    haro138 Well-Known Member

    Hey I appreciate the response johnny and tried everything you suggested but still no success. I have however thanks to THIS article figured out that it is an update that seems to mess everything up. If I uninstall updates the store works until it auto updates again. So i tried to use the new jellybean market and still no success. Sucks.
  8. Enroll

    Enroll Well-Known Member Contributor

    fixed it by clearing the play data and installing updates. It's fixed ^_^
  9. Surender Kumar

    Surender Kumar New Member

    Yes i have same erro of "waiting for network"
    durinf application downliad from Play Store
  10. haro138

    haro138 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm still getting that message. Whatever changes in this particular market update seems to mess SOMETHING up.
  11. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    okay guys..make a backup..uninstall the market..google this "google playstore apk" download and install as system app..reboot recov..wipe cache and dalvik..reboot into system and you should be good
  12. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    or download the new jellybean market update..use you file manager or download manager to install..it will ask if you want to overwrite the current market you have..select yes..boot recov..wipe cache and dalvik..reboot
  13. Cianca007

    Cianca007 Member

    do you know easy way to get the MSL ? I'm stock rom and not rooted. also how to improve better internet speeds on 3G and wimax?
    last thing: how root this phone pretty easy like gingerbreak on lg optimus v and motorola triumph, thanks a lot.
  14. haro138

    haro138 Well-Known Member

    Hey so I read up a lot more on the subject and it was something in the update. I did what you suggested johnny and still have had no success. It seems to be prevalent with 4g phones on the sprint network.
  15. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    Msl reader from market

    Interesting..have you tried using market on all different plains of data..IE..3G..4G..WiFi?
  16. cp1024

    cp1024 Member

    I see you added all of the fancy fluff that makes you feel important on those steps, in short Google pushed Play Store 3.7.13 a few days ago, and it is defective, some users see waiting for network when they try to download apps over 4g. If you really want to be helpful in this open a new issue within Issues - android - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting, otherwise we can just patiently wait for Google to do what they do.
  17. haro138

    haro138 Well-Known Member

    @Johnny WIFI Seems to be the only way to download stuff from the play store now.

    @cp1024 I'm sorry what is all this about "fancy fluff to make you feel important" are you refereing to me elaborating on the problem? or worse yet at johnny who was offering help? Either way I AM waiting patiently and using WIFI for the meanwhile but regardless thanks for posting that link I suppose as I was unaware I could submit bugs elsewhere.
  18. cp1024

    cp1024 Member

    That was a reply to Johnny424. I agree he is trying to help, but it's somewhat misguided because he didn't try to d8uplicate the problem, ofcourse you can install a different version of market to get around the problem, all of the other steps will be fruitless, and the real fix has to come from google to repair version 3.7.13.:smokingsomb:
  19. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    okay bro first of relax..;)

    secondly i get the whole bitch to Google and maybe they will do something deal, but in the end they will fix the issue when they fix the issue. Soo

    in the mean time we can try all the things that 9/10 times WILL work. and if they don't, then at least we can say we tried more then just complaining to Google about issues that we have usually been capable of taking care of ourselves
  20. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    oh and by the way how can i duplicate a problem with the Playstore that i just do not have, or have not seen?

    i have used the market in question but have had zero issues with downloading anything.
  21. cp1024

    cp1024 Member

    Do you have an epic touch, evo, or 3vo, and are connected 4G? Would you really check the fuel level, or sparkplugs if the engine would not crank one fine day? No, you'd probably check the battery first and realize that it's low charge. Think McFly, think.9 out of 10 seems just a bit off for an obvious software defect.
  22. haro138

    haro138 Well-Known Member

    Hey I for one want to say thank you for johnny for at least offering a solution. Complicated or not. Thanks
  23. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I think everybody needs to chill. ;)

    The OP asked for help with a problem specific to this handset, and others attempted to provide it. That's what Android Forums is all about, so let's keep things cool.
  24. ScoobyDoobie78

    ScoobyDoobie78 New Member

    Hi everyone. Hopefully i can help people who are having the "Waiting For Network" problem. All i did was on me HTC phone i went to "Settings" then "Applications" then "Manage Applications" in the settings on me phone then the Download Tab will show. Look for Google Play & uninstall the update for Google Play. It took me back to the Android Market & i accepted the agreement for the android market. Once that happened i downloaded an update for an app for me phone successfully then it stated that Android Market has been updated with Google Play & from there on all downloads downloaded successfully. Once you have done that you will be good to go. Hope that helps for the HTC online Support didnt even know what they were talking about. They were talkin about doing a hard reset etc & i will never do a hard reset even if they tell me to & if they ever tell you people to do that well DONT. Keep searching the net cause your bound to find some useful info.
  25. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member


    thank you for the useful info sir, the more people who get involved the better..bound to fix it some way or another ;)
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