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Wake phone screen by volume instead of power button?Support

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  1. warock56

    warock56 Well-Known Member

    I have tried these apps to try and unlock the phone by the volume buttons.




    and another one I cant remember right now with no luck, this perforated cover makes it a little tricky to press the power button, before I put a little piece of plastic or something in between the cover and the phone to make it a little easier to press I wanted to know if there was a way to unlock it by pressing the volume buttons which is more comfortable.

    Does anyone know of a way/program that will do this? Thanks.

  2. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    there might be a way to remap your keys but that means that volume buttons will be power on forever.
  3. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

  4. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

  5. Nash Enders

    Nash Enders Well-Known Member

  6. warock56

    warock56 Well-Known Member

    so looks like theres no way to do this, no easy way at least. I have tried some other apps today with no luck also.
  7. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    I think we should post it in all root section, maybe someone is going to help us there.
  8. HereticSins

    HereticSins Well-Known Member

  9. warock56

    warock56 Well-Known Member

    I ended up folding a little piece of paper and stuck it under the cover, 300% more responsive now.
  10. bluesuga

    bluesuga Well-Known Member

    my power button has not been responding right away like it used to. i have to press it 2 or 3 times now to get the screen to turn on. i'm trying out Auto Screen On from the store and i'm turning on the screen on by touching the proximity sensor twice and it seems to be working like it says. i hope the it just doesnt turn on all the time in my pocket. Has anyone tried this app?
  11. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    I saw the above post and installed Auto Screen On a few days ago. So far it's working well and I'm happy with it. I keep the phone in a holster so with it set for double-tap of the proximity sensor it won't be able to turn itself on by accident.

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