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    Aug 20, 2010
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    Does anybody know if an application such as this exists? I've searched.

    Something that will wake up my HTC Evo (Froyo 2.2 stock) just for a second and then put it right back to sleep, as if I pushed the power button?

    The reason I ask is, my company has pushed Exchange Security Policies to my phone limiting the time I have before before my phone REQUIRES me to enter my PIN number unlock code. The highest I can go is 15 minutes. But as you know, if I power on the device the "counter" if you will starts over again. So essentially if I could get my phone to wake up every 14 minutes and then go right back to to sleep, then I'll never have to enter in my PIN #. Sure there may be some affect on battery life but when I'm at work I'm plugged in anyway while I'm at my desk. Lockpicker on the Market is not Froyo compatible just yet.

    I'm no programmer so I can't create this myself but I figured maybe someone out there might be able to do it.


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