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    I have this frustrating problem. I have my screen timeout at 30s. So say when I'm reading a webpage and after 30s of non activity the screen turns off on me while I'm reading. During this immediate moment the phone is not yet locked. I quickly turn back on the screen by pressing the home button to continue my reading. The screen turns on but it also returns to the home screen! I wish it would stay at my last screen whenever I wake up the display again! Try it and you will know what I am talking about. So when it goes to homescreen I have to open the browser once again etc. On the iphone this is not the case. Or is there another method to turn on the screen again?

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    The phone is doing exactly what you told it to do. You hit the home button it took you home.
    Hit the power button....yep.....on the side.....yea, right there. :D
    Power button powers the screen back on .
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    If you go to settings>lock screen>lock automatically and set it to say 10 minutes, for the 1st ten mins after a time out screen off (not a forced screen off) the home button will restore the app you were in rather than the home screen.

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