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  1. andr2d2

    andr2d2 Well-Known Member

    To all of the MTDEV, It it with great sadness and reluctance that I have made the decision to walk away from my Triumph and will be selling it in order to move to a different carrier where I can get cheaper service. I will be going to Republic Wireless. I have three of them available if any of you need a dev phone. I will pop in every so often to see how cm9 is doing.:(:(:(:(:(:(

    Edit: For now i have decided to keep one of the three Triumphs that I had. I just couldn't bear letting it go. I really like this phone.

  2. bob-st

    bob-st Well-Known Member

    What carrier are you moving to?

    Maybe you could flash your MT to work on your new carrier :D
  3. andr2d2

    andr2d2 Well-Known Member

    Triumph would not work with their service
  4. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Hopefully the devs see this- make sure to PM g60madman & let him know you have 3 available if you haven't already!
  5. andr2d2

    andr2d2 Well-Known Member

    he already indicated that MTDEV is good right now as far as dev phones are concerned. Already sold two of them
  6. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Cool- just wanted to make sure they got a crack at 'em. :)
  7. andr2d2

    andr2d2 Well-Known Member

    Yes, MTDEV got first crack at them even:D:D
  8. Devon is Cool

    Devon is Cool Well-Known Member

    i am thinking about walking away too... i want the prepaid t mobile samsung galaxy s2
  9. tlopez1973

    tlopez1973 Well-Known Member

    I walked away sold my MT and couldn't be happier.because with the money I sold my triumph I got a SGH-I777 on Straight Talk for $173 on Craiglist and now on the latest jellybean ROM and loving every features JB 4.1.2

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  10. breendrew

    breendrew Well-Known Member

    dude go with simple wireless. They run on Tmobile's network. Have better pricing and you can use any I say any Tmobile or ATT phone. Unlimited 4g for like 60 bucks.
  11. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Well-Known Member

    Unless you use lot's of minutes every month go with t-mobiles 30 a month plan from Walmart 5gigs of 4g (hspa+) and 100 minutes for 30 a month can't beat that
  12. Devon is Cool

    Devon is Cool Well-Known Member

    thats what i was going to get... because all i do is text and web, i rarely use the calling
  13. tlopez1973

    tlopez1973 Well-Known Member

    Just make sure that T-Mobile has 4g service in your area first ;)

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