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  1. theweAve

    theweAve New Member

    Just got this Incredible 2 & my wallpaper keeps switching on it's own.

    Curious if anyone else seen this & if so, how do I stop it?

    I looked all over the manual & the settings & there is nothing in there, that I can find.

  2. pockings

    pockings Well-Known Member

    Do you happen to have the Slide Show live wallpaper set as your wallpaper? Try picking a wallpaper from Menu > Wallpaper > HTC wallpaper > choose one. It should stick. Or you can go to the Gallery and choose one of your gallery pic as the wallpaper.
  3. theweAve

    theweAve New Member

    No Live Wallpaper. I am selecting a Wallpaper from the Gallery. However, it started doing it after I checked which Live Wallpapers I had there, but I never changed it to one.
  4. theweAve

    theweAve New Member

    I believe I have figured it out.

    I have Zedge & I set it to auto update wallpaper. I turned it off.
  5. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. Are the any apps that can change wallpaper like this, like change the wallpaper out of a selected set every time you lock the screen?

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