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Wallpaper Crop Bug??Support

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  1. MatzPhone

    MatzPhone Member

    Hi all!

    Just got an Intercept as it doesn't look like they'll have any EVO's very soon. So far, I'm "mildly" pleased with the phone, but it has issues. I am particularly bothered by trying to add/change a wallpaper that will even look remotely like the photo I'm using.

    When you select an image to set as the wallpaper, the phone automatically forces you to crop the image. This wouldn't be a problem if the aspect ratio of the "crop box" wasn't "fixed" to a default (and incorrect) aspect ratio. If I drag "up", the box expands to both sides as well, and stops when it reaches the edges. At that point you can no longer drag the crop up/down to use the entire image as is. When the image appears on the home screen, it is a distorted mess of what you start out with.

    In an effort to work around this, I intentionally "squeezed" an image down to approx. the same height (top to bottom) that would fit the "forced crop" box. Even doing this, when the image is shows up on the home screen, it is still distorted!! Anyone heard anything of a fix for this??


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  2. MatzPhone

    MatzPhone Member

    Just a quick update.
    When creating a wallpaper for your Intercept, remember that the image will have to scroll to the left and to the right. What is showing in the center position, is only the center portion of the image. Scroll to the right, and you only see the left half of the image, scroll to the left and you only see the right half of the image.

    The aspect ratio of the image needs to bee about 1:1.2. I've had good results sizing the image to 480px tall X 580px wide. I'm sure higher resolutions would work well too, but the image quality at 480x580 looks really good. Just be sure that the center of your image is what you want on the center position on the Home screen.

    Hope that helps!!


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