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  1. HTC_FTW

    HTC_FTW New Member

    Hey everyone, so I've been looking around for this certain wallpaper (attached below) and I was wondering if anyone could help me find this wallpaper, I've seen it in pictures with mainly HTC phones running 2.1, but I personally dont have it on my 2.1 HTC phone.. so can anyone help me out? Below is a picture of the EVO with the wallpaper im trying to find.
    Thanks in advance! :)

  2. HTC_FTW

    HTC_FTW New Member

    forgot to attach picture, guess it didnt upload :)

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  3. Karsten

    Karsten Active Member

    It's called HTC Sense. It's a live wallpaper that comes with the phone.
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  4. HTC_FTW

    HTC_FTW New Member

    Oh, its a live wallpaper. My phone has the Sense UI, but since it doesnt support Live Wallpapers, I guess thats why i never got it. I thought it was just a still. Thankyou :)
  5. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    I think this is a still of the one you're looking for. hard to tell.


    edit: link to correct size for Eris. Imageshack - desire2.png

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