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Wallpaper no longer goes across landscape mode screen?General

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  1. Twisted_Angel

    Twisted_Angel Member

    On my Stratosphere, I changed my wallpaper yesterday to one of the "Live" wallpapers, and decided to change it back to my original one shortly after. Now, when I slide the phone open, the wallpaper doesn't stretch across the screen like it use to. I'm not sure what happened, or if I accidentally did something to it. The Auto Rotate option is checked, so I know that's not the problem, but this is really annoying, because I see a square of my wallpaper, and then black around it. Please tell me there is a way to fix this. :(

  2. Illmaculate

    Illmaculate Member

    Have you recently updated your phone? The last update removed the feature of scrolling wallpapers, if that's what you're referring to.
  3. Twisted_Angel

    Twisted_Angel Member

    Yeah, I did. It must not have affected it until I changed it. :( Even on just the home screen it doesn't stretch across it though. How annoying.
  4. Illmaculate

    Illmaculate Member

    Yeah, it illegimitizes a lot of larger images now.

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