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  1. kaygee46

    kaygee46 Member

    I've just purchased one of these little gems on eBay for A$70 and its not too bad for the money. I'd like to change the wallpaper to one of my own pics but I can't find where they are stored in the device. Does anyone know? Also in "My Photos" the manual says you can "Dynamically switch wallpapers" but the icon for that action is missing. There's some management icon instead. The eBay seller I bought mine from (koobu) said they had figured out how to access the full Android Market, and they have. Its pre-installed and it works. The OS is Android 2.2 build 1.3.1

  2. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately they all run a little different. On mine all I have to do is bring up the settings on the desktop and choose wallpaper the browse to my DCIM folder on the SD card.

    I would suggest installing LauncherPro. When you bring up the desktop settings menu you choose wallpaper then pictures it will let you choose your file manager and browse to wherever you store your pictures. I am not sure though if there is a format or size requirement to use for a wallpaper.
  3. kaygee46

    kaygee46 Member

    Yeah, I can do that too, but when I do that it first crops the picture width wise then expands whats left to fit the screen even though my picture is the correct size ratio to begin with. That's why I was trying to find where it stores its wallpaper pictures so that I could drop mine in there.

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