Wallpapers from Samsung Moment-Android 2.1

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  1. XenonMazi

    XenonMazi Member

    *sigh* This is probably not the appropriate place to post this thread, but meh, I don't know where else to put it. :hmmmm2:

    Anyway, I've googled as much as one person can google, and read through hundreds of threads looking for a rom for this version of Android, and it's now disappeared from the internet. So instead of looking around further, I've decided to just post. Does anyone have the wallpapers for Android 2.1 Eclair, or whatever version the Moment had? I really want the orange daisy wallpaper... ​

  2. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

  3. XenonMazi

    XenonMazi Member

    YES!! That's the one!! Do you have the other ones?
  4. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Sorry, no I don't. The only Moment system dump links I ran across were dead. If you can describe the ones you'd like, I'll see if I can scrounge them up for you.
  5. XenonMazi

    XenonMazi Member

    Yea, I knew I wasn't the only one who couldn't find that dump...

    I honestly don't remember them anymore (because in those days, I assumed all Androids had the same media...).

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