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  1. minimattapps

    minimattapps Member


    I havnt released any apps in a while so I thought I would take requests and attempt to develop every idea. (If it is reasonable of course :D) . Post your idea below and I'll try to develop as many as possible.

    Thanks Matt

  2. hey there, what i require is an application that can successfully fetch the GPS co-ordinates from the inbulit GPS device in an android mobile phone and transmit them on a specific IP (computer) continuosly after a specified period of time using GPRS. IP and the time after which the ip should be refreshed should be taken as an input from the user. rest GUI and everything should be very basic no additional graphics or anything required.
  3. minimattapps

    minimattapps Member

    So you need an app where the app gets gps location and sends it to a server.
    Is that correct?
  4. i need an application that can get the GPS data and send that to a Specific IP address that the user gives as an input at the start. transmission to the IP should be via GPRS
  5. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    I want an app that copies the shorthand expander I use on my PC’s Spell Catcher. For example, I just enter “aq,” tap space, then the app automatically replaces it with “Application Requests.” I use that constantly on my PC and wish I could use the same triggers on my droid.
  6. bigbeard

    bigbeard Member

    I need a photo app that takes a pic of a persons "aura" basically a blurry pic with a random color smudged all around... can you make that?
  7. minimattapps

    minimattapps Member

    Do you need a web interface?

    I will do the apps in the order i get them :D
  8. sohguanh

    sohguanh Well-Known Member

    Typically for apps with business logic that interface with a server, it will require development at both ends. One is the Android app and the other is development at the server. So unless the server development is already done, then the development effort is double to a solo developer so as to speak.

    That has not yet factored in the server maintenance cost.
  9. Fetch GPS location.

    >Push GPS location to server/IP via GPRS.

    >Pushing of GPS location to server/IP via GPRS will be on variable interval.

    >This variable interval can be controlled by App User. (Rephrasing: The variable interval will be configurable).
    the co-ordinates should be transmitted to a specific id using GPRS service. this is what is required sir
  10. gorebags

    gorebags New Member

  11. bafflednewbie

    bafflednewbie New Member

    i am supposed to work on a mini project that is to be submitted at the end of my semester. so i wanna ask that is it feasible to make a fully fledged web browser for android platform based phones?! If yes, so what approach should i follow... kindly help me.
    the key features i want for it are :
    1) capable to show pages requested at a good speed.
    2) gesture recognition(making browsers related operations easy and fun to use)
    one of the most important thing i wanna ask is .. whether it would make a good mini project that provides good learning stuff or not.
    the other topics that the professors suggested were related to AI,face recognition,etc, in which am not at all interested.
    a little guidance here... plz !!

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