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  1. ddas8888

    ddas8888 Member

    Hi, god of spectrum--
    1. rooted my spectrum

    2. Tried to unlock bootloader by
    but failed to load md5sum at last step twice(dont know the reason)

    3. Installed icy fusion 2.0 successfully and running it now after making back up with cwm 6 of stock ics-4.0-ZV7(received by ota update) though cwm was installed manually i.e. not from market.
    when going back to stock it cant load and shows "md5sum failed"

    Im not a great teachie and i m from India and did all these to unlock the gsm/cdma capabilities of my mobile for using it here, but all attempt went in vein
    Now want to relock( i don't know wether it was unlocked or not but bluetooth did not working) bootloader to make bluetooth working again and going back to stock ics 4.0

    Any help about using it on gsm or cdma(in india) will make me rock again because i imported this stuff with my 7 months pocket savings which is very hard for me.
    Any help will be appreciated and highly praised. Thanks in advance''''

  2. Neph81

    Neph81 Well-Known Member

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  3. cal77

    cal77 Member

    I am downloading the cab: 7.15 (ICS) - http://csmg.lgmobile...5.P58014.R5.cab to flash but everytime I try to extract it i get an error message "the file code is in an unknown format or damaged. I have downloaded multiple times with the same results. Anywhere else to get the file or is it the wrong file?

    Also if anyone knows of another way (other than the Pwnage Tool) to just root, please advise. Thank you.
  4. Neph81

    Neph81 Well-Known Member

    At no point do the instructions say to extract the .cab file. Please read thru the entire instruction list again and slower this time. If you flash the .cab wrong, you will end up with a bricked phone. Multiple warnings and instructions are listed in the main link.

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