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Want to CLEAN up my Droid X.. Procedure?

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  1. FireChief

    FireChief Well-Known Member

    I had my DX rooted a while ago. Lost the root after the latest update weeks ago.

    The phone is starting to 'act up.' It freezes, lags, becomes non-responsive. I have to pull the battery once or twice a day. I have had a lot of apps on and off the device.

    Been having trouble with music players..

    I don't know exactly where the problem lies, but I would like to WIPE the phone and start over. I don't intend to root again. I only used root for the wi-fi, for which I will just pay the $20 a month from now on.

    Question is: Do I need to do anything with the root apps that are on my machine now before I do a factory reset, even though I have lost root?

    Or for that matter, do I need to do anything else before the reset?

    I have a list of apps I will put back on the device.. but I haven't done any 'back ups' other than what Google will provide as I use gmail/g-voice, etc..

    Experts, what do you think?


  2. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    If you haven't done anything except use the Wifi hotspot with root, you can just do a factory reset.

    If you've used root to modify anything in the system (remove bloat or whatever), you should use the appropriate SBF for your version, and then do a factory reset.

    Instructions can be found in the sticky thread at the top of the forum.

    You should think about what you want to keep after the system wipe. For instance, SMS messages. You can back them up using a bunch of free SMS backup programs.
  3. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    ^^^what he said. :)
  4. Raw Dodge

    Raw Dodge Well-Known Member

    The phones unresponsive because of the update....I had the same problem you are having...thanks to Steven58,its all better now,he walked me thru SBFing the phone....I think you will still have the superuser icon after you do a factory reset,although I may be wrong,If I knew that would have been all it took to get my X back to stock,Id done it...I tried for 3 days to reroot,unsuccessfully,and finally just did the TBH .320 sbf,which fixed it in 5 minutes,should have done that first....so if your still having trouble just SBF it,use z4root,reroot,and apply the .340 update,then you can unroot,if you dont want to be rooted.
  5. FireChief

    FireChief Well-Known Member

    Holy smokes...

    "...just did the TBH .320 sbf,which fixed it in 5 minutes,..so if your still having trouble just SBF it,use z4root,reroot,and apply the .340 update,...

    You want to say that in english? LOL..

    I have to run out for some stuff, but will re-visit this again later BEFORE I do ANYTHING to my phone..

    Thanks for the advice.. I am looking forward to getting a smooth running phone back..
  6. eraursls1984

    eraursls1984 Well-Known Member

    Are you on .320 or .340? If your on .340 just search this site for rsd lite 4.8 and the full .340 sbf file.
  7. FireChief

    FireChief Well-Known Member

    How do I know?

    In my settings, at "about phone" it says 2.3. 340...

    is that what you are referring to?

    Signed, un-techie who got in over his head.
  8. pCarson92

    pCarson92 Member

    All the abbreviations do get very confusing... I was in your shoes a few weeks ago.

    TBH = Team Black Hat. They released an SBF of .320.
    SBF = a stock image of the phone's ROM. Normally used to recover from a brick of bootloop.
    z4root = then new, simple way to root your phone. Find it here.

    What he wants you to do is apply the .SBF file to your phone, making it completely clean and stock again. Then do the OTA (over the air) update to .340. Then root it.

    Personally, I would HIGHLY recommend you check out a custom ROM. They run literally 5x smoother than your Droid X does right now.
  9. pCarson92

    pCarson92 Member

    Yes, you are on .340. This means you CANNOT SBF down to 3.2. You will brick your phone. Just use a .340 SBF.
  10. cartisdm

    cartisdm Well-Known Member

    I know, call me ret*rded, but I am having trouble finding a FULL .340 SBF. I have found the "System SBFs" but from what I understand I need a full one. I have a friend who is stuck between half-rooted and stock ROM so I want to completely bring him back to Stock ROM/Kernal/Recovery all in one clean swipe
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  11. Bankswood

    Bankswood Well-Known Member

    Ok, you need to SBF .320 then install the .340 system only zip file. This will get the phone up to date and clean. There is not a SBF .340 available yet.

    Searc h the forum for the SBF and the .340 zip

    Wait I just reread PCarson92 post. You are saying he cannot SBF to .320 if he is on .340?

    Are you sure about this? You say use an SBF .340. You don't SBF .340 you install it through Clockwork
  12. dhoffman1421

    dhoffman1421 Well-Known Member

    I think Banks is right, if you are on .340 and want to sbf, you use the full .320 sbf and then the system only .340 sbf file to get back to where you were. There are seperate files for Bootloader, kernel and Baseband if you feel you want those updated as well.

    Fire Chief read the sticky, RSDLite and the SBF go on your PC and you hook your phone up to it via USB and boot into Bootloader mode. Then follow the instructions. It's sounds more intimidating than it is
  13. axe97

    axe97 Member

    where can we get these other .340 files for bootloader, kernel and baseband etc? i didnt see them in the TBH app
  14. cartisdm

    cartisdm Well-Known Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember lots of people saying you can't downgrade to .320 from .340 with the SBF. Is that correct? Why can't I just do it with a full .340 SBF?
  15. dhoffman1421

    dhoffman1421 Well-Known Member

    I was told it is compatible with both .320 and.340 as they use the same Bootloader There is not a full .340 otherwise you would be correct, it is system only.

    Last I saw anyway which was like a week ago and I have not seen anything posted otherwise.
  16. Bankswood

    Bankswood Well-Known Member

  17. axe97

    axe97 Member

    im a bit confused now. why cant we just SBF from .340 down to a FULL .320, and then just do an OTA update back to .340 instead of using the system only sbf, so we have the new bootloader, kernel, and all that?
  18. cartisdm

    cartisdm Well-Known Member

    I don't mean to thread jack but I think this may pertain to the OP as well:

    My friend wants to be 100% stock in all aspects of the device. I think his bootloader has remained untouched, but I know he still has ClockworkMod recovery on there and he has a stock rom and semi-root privaleges (that's what he tells me?)
  19. Bankswood

    Bankswood Well-Known Member

    I think that 2.3.32 is a leaked version and therefor the OTA will not install. If you SBF to 2.3 it is very easy to install the .340 system file
  20. FireChief

    FireChief Well-Known Member

    I want a stock phone. So, it was rooted before... lost root after the update.

    If I just perform a factory reset right now, Will my X operate like a stock one again?

    Or do I need to clean up something that was changed from the last rooting procedure?

    Again, i am not going to use root again.

    Thanks for the help, I'll pay close attention to what is said and then take action
  21. FireChief

    FireChief Well-Known Member

    Is everyone hung over? :)
  22. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Lot of misinformation/confusing information here.

    Fire Chief is already on 340 after receiving the OTA.

    You CAN flash 340 with the full 320 sbf and then back to 340 with the system-only 340 sbf.

    You CANNOT normally sbf to 2.3.15 or earlier versions after receiving the OTA.

    SBFin'g your phone should preserve your apps and data.

    A system reset will result in a phone similar to the state it was when you got it, except it will have updated (OTA) system version. Apps you purchased will be delivered via Market, but you would have to reinstall any free apps you had installed.

    The easiest thing to do would be to clear your cache from recovery. If that doesn't work then SBF with full 2.3.32, followed by the system-only 2.3.340. You might be able to skip the 2.2.32 sbf and just do the 340 sbf.
  23. FireChief

    FireChief Well-Known Member

    I just clear the cache from recovery... easy enough..

    I'll see how the phone operates over the next day or so...

    If it keeps acting up, I guess a factory reset is next...

    If THAT doesn't work, then I go through installing an appropriate SBF file..

    i think..

    Thanks to all for the assistance...
  24. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    If you sbf you should still have data.

    Factory reset you won't.

    Not sure which one you'd want to try second.... I think I'd be tempted to try sbf, and reset third. Hope it doesn't come to that.
  25. FireChief

    FireChief Well-Known Member


    Well, I did the Factory Reset (not having the foggiest idea what the "sbf" thing was really about)

    I have almost all the settings back to where I had them, and all's well.

    It's been a few days and no lagging, no freezing up... Actually found a couple of new apps while setting things up,...

    Thanks again for the assistance everyone.


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