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Want to mount a usb drive read only

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  1. sunnychan

    sunnychan New Member

    I want to mount a USB drive as read only on a Android 4 tablet via OTG cable. As the drive internal format is a proprietary one, that always caused the file explorer to create unexpected lost.dir directory and all other files truncated as 0 bytes.
    Can anyone help? :)

  2. nailzer

    nailzer Well-Known Member

    Put the usb drive on you computer, right click on the folders you want to protect, go to properties and set them to read only.
  3. sunnychan

    sunnychan New Member

    I have tried but it fail. Will have another try tomorrow. The files are not truncated this time.
    Please also suggest other file explorer apps that easy do mounting. I don't want rooting my tablet as most requested to do so.
    There are read error.

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