Want to use Sprint Hero 200 on different Carrier in US

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  1. unofornaio

    unofornaio New Member

    Hi everyone I am new here and I have been looking around for a while.

    I found a post titled "Which Us carriers would the Sprint Hero 200 work on" and its pretty clear but it was from 2009 so Im wondering if anything has changed.

    I need to get my bill down from 70.00 to 50.00 or 40.00. I have been looking at the carriers in my area but what phone that can be used is confusing and im not sure how much of the "cant use this or that phone on our network" is sales hype or truth.

    I have a Hero 200 that I purchased at Best Buy/Sprint and use sprint network.

    Keeping in mind that I have this phone Im wondering (if its even possible) which carrier would be easiest to modify the phone to work on.

    Virgin mobile
    Metro PCS

    Thanks for any help
    I realize the details of HOW to do this belong in the other forum but for clarification I wanted to post in the general forum first as to not waste space or time in the other forum. If the mod wants to move this that's fine with me.

  2. unofornaio

    unofornaio New Member

    Some people interested in subject (number of views) but what? Wrong forum? To basic a question?
    Hello?..Hello? Is this thing on?
  3. permazorch

    permazorch Well-Known Member

    It's a bit complicated a question. I'm stuck on the hero, too. I use Credo (lefty-liberal company that uses Sprint tubes). To save money, really, you'd be advised to root your phone, install CM7, and use it only on wi-fi.
    I love my hero, and that's a good thing, because there's no way I can afford to upgrade.

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