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Want to use Xperia X10 with no data serviceSupport

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  1. zxd3

    zxd3 New Member

    I found a used Xperia X10, I called the seller and he claims it is unlocked, and that ATT won't see it as a smartphone or whatever. I want the phone, but I want to make sure that ATT won't charge me randomly for data. So can I opt out of Data, or cancel data on the line if I get the phone. Is there a way I can get the phone, put in my SIM card and only use the calling and texting that I've been using currently on my Samsung Impression?

    Thanks in advance!


  2. hal752

    hal752 Well-Known Member

    You could turn off data or change your internet settings so there not the one from your carrier This would stop the phone accessing the internet but still allow it to function as a phone. But what's the point of a smartphone without data?
  3. zxd3

    zxd3 New Member

    But would ATT still charge me for data? I could not use it, but they could still charge me for it. If they still charge me for it, what's the point? o-o
  4. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Well-Known Member

    There's a setting in the phone to disable "MMS & Data", so your phone would never use data but you wouldn't be able to send MMS, only SMS.

    Of course at home you could use Wi-Fi.
  5. zxd3

    zxd3 New Member

    But would ATT charge me for data b/c it's a smartphone?
  6. Timbits93

    Timbits93 Member

    No because you're not using any data. And the carrier has data plans which you have to agree to ontop of your voice plan.

    All you're really doing is using the phone as just a phone because you essentially turned off the data service the phone gets by disabling MMS & Data in the settings.

    Essentially, they cannot charge you for data because your phone cannot send or receive any data due to turning off the service. Therefore making it just a voice only phone.

    Reason being they charge by the usage [data plan or without]

    Put simply

    Usage = Pay
    No Usage = No Pay

    This is because even though you have a smartphone, having the data turned off and never using it basically makes the carrier think its just a dumbphone - voice only and cannot charge you for using nothing.
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  7. hogsaway

    hogsaway Active Member

    If the sim you're putting in isn't data enabled I wouldn't have thought it would be able to connect anyway?
  8. zxd3

    zxd3 New Member

    Yeah, but I heard ATT is weird, and charges you for data, if they see that the IMEI belongs to a smartphone or whatever.
  9. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    I think you may have a point there, I'm sure I read on a thread here or XDA about them charging for a data plan because its a smart phone whether you want to use it as that or not and also moving people to a different tariff when they realise that they are using a smart phone. My advice is to ask them about it or read the small print on any contract very carefully!
  10. ECBomb

    ECBomb Well-Known Member

    wow, i never would have thought of that. that's a cheap move on their part. I would suggest you calling up AT&T and tell them to block your account from ever assessing data. Apparently Rogers can do that, so I'm sure AT&T could do that for you as well.
  11. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Well-Known Member

    I've read somewhere that a customer bought a used iPhone and was on a smartphone plan, and AT&T noticed he was using an iPhone and was charged extra and transferred to the iPhone plan.

    This is from the internet so I don't know if it's true, but where I live, in Qu
  12. sharukh

    sharukh New Member

    android market and gmaps and facebook is not running with idea network but runs from airtel,,i am from rajasthan and plz tell me solution quick

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