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Wanted: A Simple Phone Locator

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  1. BSquared18

    BSquared18 Member


    I'm looking for a simple-to-use, basic, free phone-locator app. GPS locator and maybe also be able to activate siren or ringer from another phone.

    I tried Cerberus, Avast!, and Where's My Droid. The first had connectivity issues, the second was much too complicated, and the third was very, very, very slow in showing the phone's location using their Commander.

    Any suggestions? I'm using Android 4.0.4 and have wifi and tower connectivity to the Internet.


  2. coronos

    coronos Member

    I've been using Lookout Antivirus, which has a phone locator accessed online. It's simple and seems accurate, but your GPS has to be on already, otherwise it just uses tower info.
  3. BSquared18

    BSquared18 Member

    Thanks, Coronos. Yes, I took a look at it and downloaded it to my phone. As you say, it seems easy to use.

    One question: I tested the phone-locator feature. I started the process about 10 in the morning, but it was about 6 in the evening before I received an email message that the phone had been located.

    Is that kind of lag time normal for Lookout? For other phone-locator services?

  4. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    AirDroid works pretty well for this.
  5. BSquared18

    BSquared18 Member

    Concerning Airdroid, someone please let me know if I'm off target: I studied the description and didn't see anything about phone locator, remote siren, etc.; then, when I looked at other apps listed as similar to it, it seems that Airdroid is more in the category with apps like Dropbox than ones like Lookout and Avast.

  6. droid416

    droid416 Well-Known Member

    I think the phone locator is in the new version of AirDroid. I believe it's called AirDroid 2.
  7. BSquared18

    BSquared18 Member

    Thanks, but in subsequent tests Lookout found the phone within a couple of minutes. My wife and I now have it on both our phones, so if one goes missing, we can use the other to locate it and, if necessary, activate a siren.

    As one review said, the free version offers some nice features, including checking for malware, etc.

  8. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Yeah I didn't realize that the first version didn't do this. It'll find the phone within a few seconds though in case you don't want to wait a few minutes for Lookout.

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