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  1. Psywar

    Psywar Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 12, 2010
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    I am going to break this post up using -- cuz it ended up being a long post.

    I ended up jumping on the Bandwagon yesterday morning when I got home from work. I downgraded then upgraded back to 2.2 w/ root!

    Here is a picture of my phone at the HBOOT area:

    (Sorry about the other forum spam in the background of the photo.)

    As you can see I did the UnrEVOked Forever install.

    I am currently running Fresh and I have the newest Amon RA Recovery 1.8.0.

    I like the basic look of the Stock HTC Evo Rom, but after seeing some of the cool themes out. Their are bits and pieces of the themes that I want.

    Well honestly not much. I really want the Circle Green Battery but its not a full circle its broken up in to sections lol.

    Is it possible to just get these bits and pieces and flash them to use them?
    If so any idea where I can find bits and pieces of themes to flash?
    I do have sort of another question about the Radio's. I read you just download them and then use Amon RA Recovery and then just flash them.

    Is this how it is done?
    If so can I just place all of the Radio Flash files on my Root Drive and just keep them there?
    Also are their any programs I can use on my HTC Evo to figure out which Radio may be giving me a better signal n such?

    Why I am Concerned about Radio's
    I do not see many posts about the Radio's so I assume most people just grab the current one and then they call it a day.

    Here is my Problem: I live on the Border of Michigan and Canada.
    In my Evo Settings have have the Do Not Roam and No Data Roaming Checked on my phone.

    Because of this I quite often have no signal/bars on my phone.
    Why don't I just use Roaming? Well lets just put it this way after only a few days of use the Canada Data Roaming Charge is well over 30bucks extra.

    I contacted Sprint about this issue the only thing they ever tell me is pretty much "Sorry".

    So that's kind of why I keep posting about the Radio's. I am not worried about battery life if I can get a stronger signal.
    The main reason there is because my phone is always looking for a signal and going in and out of Service so much that it just drains the battery quick anyways.

    Image file question
    To do the Rooting process on the phone I had to get a file called: PC36IMG.zip
    This file is still sitting on the root of my phones SDCard.

    Should I take it off? When Exactly is the PC36IMG file used? Just when installing Roms? I guess I don't understand exactly what it does.

    I think thats all my questions/concerns for now. :)
    I will try and keep all my questions in this thread!

    Thank you all in advance for any/all help!


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