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Wanting to become a android user but i want cricket but i want phone capable of playing the n64 emul

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  1. rapidsman101

    rapidsman101 Member

    i've read that you would need a 1000 mhz phone?

    is this true?

    something with good battery life or an extended battery would be great.

    my last phone was the motorola q and i feel that's kind of a big phone.

    which would best for what i want? i don't care if it has to be flashed or what ever

  2. rapidsman101

    rapidsman101 Member

    so my last phone was motorola q in 05 i have not cared bout phones since then or used one.

    i seen you can play nintendo 64 games on android phones. what are my option's ?

    sorry but i've researched for awhile not really getting an answer?
  3. rapidsman101

    rapidsman101 Member

    so no one can tell me what are all my options when it comes to android phones flashed for cricket?
  4. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

  5. rapidsman101

    rapidsman101 Member

    yes but is the incredible my cheapest option? i want something that's not to expensive but can handle gaming with emulator's? i hear the incredible is really good?
  6. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    Dinc are going for $150 or so. The Dinc is a very good phone.
  7. rapidsman101

    rapidsman101 Member

    all the ones i have found flashed to cricket on ebay are selling for 200 or so and locally i can pick one up for 225....

    this would be my best bet for useing emulation for android? i hear this is compaired to the droid x

    but other then these two phones and that sony phone what are compatible.

    i'm trying to get a really good feel for this. i don't even know where to get games and all that i have alot of n64 games still so i can get them all rom'd legitly

    but for now i need to know how much i need to get a phone worth what i want.

    i thank you for all your information thus far
  8. rapidsman101

    rapidsman101 Member

    so have you ever had a motrola q? how do the droid x and the incredible compair to it? i already feel the q is huge and i have the extended battery in it.
  9. rapidsman101

    rapidsman101 Member

    so anyone else.

    its either a droid or droid 2 or a htc incredible so foar?

    what other phones work with n64 and psx emulator's?

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