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Wanting to Buy : Negotiable : GSM Phone for use in Europe

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  1. easycompany

    easycompany Well-Known Member

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    Perhaps someone can help me out with this. I have a friend who is going to Europe, and she is going to need a phone to use over there. Her phone will not work over there, but I do not know anything about good/cheap GSM phones or whether or not it needs to be unlocked. Also, what are good plans to use out there? She's only going to be out there for a few months max. Any info is greatly appreciated, and if you have a phone that you think would fit my needs, then all the better. Thanks in advance!

  2. deltaforce

    deltaforce Well-Known Member

    May be its already too late but any at&t or T-Mobile phone should work
  3. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

    Verizon also has them. Both my Rezound and DNA are dual band global phones. ;)

  4. deltaforce

    deltaforce Well-Known Member

    Or may be they are dual network and quad-band. Europe is GSM only area.

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