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  1. bob60626

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    I have an S2 and 7.0+ tablet on T-Mobile (phone on the $30/5gb plan, tablet currently not on the network). I like both but have always wanted a Note, and I really want it on that sweet $30 plan! :D I don't want to flash an AT&T Note (I don't know how! :D) and the international ones don't support TMO frequencies. I'd probably sell the tablet if I got one; might keep the S2 might not.

    T-Mobile is offering the original Note for free with a 2 year contract. Some options-
    -Get it on contract; T-Mobile appears to have a military discount which strengthens this idea. I could live with this but don't really want a contract.
    -Since they seem to want to get rid of the original Notes, see how much they'd take for it full price. I'm not super fond of this.
    -Buy it on contract with the cheapest possible plan (500 minutes, no text, $20 data; the website lets me choose this for the phone). Keep it til I get the $200 rebate and then pay the $200 ETF. Free activivation, free shipping, I'd only be out 2-ish months of use and the ETF. There may be taxes on the ETF. I don't really like this one either.
    -Buy it on contract, use my S2 or in-box Exhibit ll with the plan sim card and the Note with my prepaid sim as a mini tablet. Ehh.

    Thoughts? I don't see this getting sold for $300 on walmart.com like my S2 was. :D

  2. bob60626

    bob60626 Well-Known Member

  3. Digital Controller

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    Going to move this to the Device Comparison forum for you Bob.

    Otherwise T-Mobile and AT&T work on the same radio frequencies so flashing a device over would be as simple as asking AT&T to Unlock it, if it doesn't come pre-unlocked and then putting the SIM card for T-Mobile in.

    The Note one is a good device still and might be worth checking out for a little bit :)
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