Wanting to install Apps to SD card - not phoneSupport

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  1. FlippingDave

    FlippingDave Member

    By default all programs automatically install onto the phone.

    I have a 16GB SD card.

    How can I make it so either:
    * I can move apps to the card
    * Automatically install all new apps to the card
    * Choose where to install apps on installation

    Anyone have success in doing this?
    I'm having issues as my phone memory fills up way to fast with multiple apps which then doesn't even allow new txt messages to come through :/

    In the meantime I've just removed some apps... But would love to reinstall them to the memory card!!


  2. cry8wolf9

    cry8wolf9 Member

    yea im wondering about this too
  3. FlippingDave

    FlippingDave Member

    Please report back if you find out how :) I'll do the same.
  4. sindhu.nike

    sindhu.nike Member

    use apps installer to backup your application.later u can reinstall and use those application.as far as i know der is no way to install application in sd.!!!!if any 1 found pl inform me too
  5. FlippingDave

    FlippingDave Member

    It doesn't look like you can with this phone, I went through the apps on android's market and it seems your phone has to be Android 2.2 in order to install / run from the SD card and this phones only 2.1.

    Installed Appkik to confirm.

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