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  1. Princepia

    Princepia New Member

    Alright, first off. Hello! I am new to the Smartphone world(quite delayed, I know.) as well as the Android world. The phone I have aquired is not my main phone, and I wanted to do some tinkering around with it, this sort of stuff is what I love to do. I am a "n00b" persay, and I am at no loss if I do end up screwing around my phone.

    I learn from trial and error, and decided to use this opportunity to learn about what I'm doing. I'm only a few days into this, and as such, I am still extremely inexperienced.
    I just wanted to write this as a disclaimer, to avoid the "YOU SHOULDN'T BE ROOTING IF YOU ARE NEWB/YOU ARE DUMB WHY'D YOU DO THAT?" I, again, am at no loss if this phone messes up, so I was doing things on my own accord:


    What I have is an LG Shine Plus (Telus is the carrier in Canada.) also known as the LG Ally in the US, I believe. I've now read more and discovered some of my wrong choices..but I had rooted my phone with Universal Androot..worked smoothly, installed super user. I then downloaded Rom Manager as well as Rom Tool Box. I downloaded the Clockwork mod and flashed it..when it came up, it said "Select Phone" and it listed Optimus V. I, most likely being not the smarted choice, chose to go ahead with the flash.

    Now this is my issue. My phone works fine and dandy, and is rooted..but I -CANNOT- get it to boot into recovery. I cannot factory reset the phone from the menu when the phone is booted, nor can I hard reset the phone through the button combination. I also cannot boot to recovery through ROM Manager. Whenever I do any of the above, the phone restarts, LG Logo appears momentarily, and then it resets again, LG Logo appears, goes to my carrier splash screen, boots android, and my phone is as it was, but rooted.

    I have no idea at this point what I did, and I would like to LEARN from this mistake and experience, if someone here has the patience to explain what I might have done(without getting massively over technical.) I would be extremely grateful.

    Also, I have a Micro USB cord I purchased for this phone was Wal-Mart(I was given this phone as it was dead, lacked a charger or any cable, so my friend gave it to me for free, hence why I'm not too concerned if it dies, ect. it's soley for tinkering around on.) and it seems after doing whatever I did, my computer will -NOT- recognize it as a USB device, even after installing drivers from LG's home page, and following tons of other advice I found, I just cannot get it to connect.

    So ultimately, what I'd like to do at this point, is restore the phone to how it was, factory reset, so I can start this whole process over again.

    I look forward to a quick response.

    And thank you!!!

  2. rymanh

    rymanh Well-Known Member

    if you can not get your phone in to recovery by turning your phone off and holding power+home+volume down.. there is another way,,

    there is a free app on the market called quick boot.. it requires root. but i see that yours already is.. it gives you several reboot options including rebooting in to recovery.. I've used it and my phone was still rooted after so you won't have to worry about doing that again
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  3. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Well, let me tell you: you haven't really broken things, but you've made a few wrong assumptions. First, you assumed that this phone is the same as the LG Ally. It's actually different enough that it stands on its own. The main differences: this phone has a different camera, double the memory, a different radio (Ally is CDMA, Shine Plus is GSM), and a different (but related) CPU (Ally is MSM 7627, we have a MSM 7227). There are also a few other minor differences. But the main thing you need to understand is that roms for the Ally or other phones will not work on this phone.

    Secondly: you assumed that you could find a similar phone, you'd be able to use that phone's recovery image. This fails. This is why you cannot boot into recovery.

    You can manually flash a recovery image to the phone which will work. We currently have two known working recovery options: GNM's ra recovery and my initial port of clockwork recovery.

    The first of the two links has excellent installation instructions for flashing the recovery image for the Shine Plus. Those installation instructions work equally well for either recovery image, For the last several months, people have been using GNM's ra recovery very happily on this phone. My clockwork recovery has seen less testing, and is newer, but should work just as well or better for certain things. It might also eat kittens.

    Thirdly, this phone is not supported by ROM Manager. At all. (Yet). Now that I've gotten clockwork recovery working on the phone, it is conceivable to support added to ROM Manager, but it certainly hasn't been added yet, and there's no way to trick ROM Manager into believing it's supported (yet).

    This means that installing ROM has to be done through the recovery image. After you get a working recovery installed, you can put zip files containing roms on your memory card, boot into recovery, (make a backup,) and flash a new rom. I've been working on one rom for this phone which includes overclocking and a few other goodies. Details on most of the hacking efforts can be found in the Shine Plus all-things-root subforum.

    Alright - hope that helps. If you can get a recovery installed and working, you'll be on your way.

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  4. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Won't work. That recovery belongs to another phone - which means it has another phone's kernel included in it. Won't boot no matter how you try to force it.
  5. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member


    The shine plus isn't supported by ROM manager. I think that's where your problem lies... As for using factory default, it will not remove root on your phone because your data is wiped during a factory reset. Root is copied on the system partition and not on data...

    Soooo, if you want recovery, you have to follow the process in the all things root forum. You can install either Amon RA recovery (Which is the solution available for LG Ally) or you can install Clockworkmod which was compiled for our phone by Jiilik.

    Latest version of amon RA can be downloaded here made by getitnowmarketing: Free File Sharing Made Simple - MediaFire

    Then follow the procedure by dsi on this thread:

    Then to boot into recovery, shut down the phone, hold Vol down + Home + Power until you're in recovery.

    As for having the phone detect in windows, make sure your drivers are updated with the LG mobile support tool from this link:

    Mobile Support

    If your phone still doesn't detect after installing the drivers, I suggest the following. Put the recovery files on your SD card and then use android terminal emulator to type in the commands. It can be downloaded off the android market.

    **** DAMN YOU JIILIK! BEat me to it! hahaha ****
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  6. Princepia

    Princepia New Member

    YAY!!!! Thank you both! This is so great. I haven't tried it yet(I'm at work, great use of company time, eh?:p), but from what I was researching, this is the road I was planning on going down. I'm pretty sure I'm understanding what I did incorrectly. I'm going to have to try using an on phone terminal, as I cannot connect by USB for some reason, any suggestions on which to use for that?

    I'm going to try this when I get home, and hopefully fix things!!! I'm excited. And then I'm going to glare at ROM Manager, and uninstall it, 'cause it's caused me nothing but problems. Then I can start thinking about flashing a ROM, weeeeeeeee.

    Thanks again, so much you guys. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Also karendar: I have downloaded -EVERYTHING- LG Driver related, the suite, through the mobile support, and made sure it was up to date. I've restarted my computer, the phone, I've turned on and off mass storage, I've turned on and off USB debugging, everything, it just won't recognize it! (What a jerk!)


    I'm going to go with the amon RA recovery, as from what you've said, it's the more stable of the two, just so I can get this right. Once I've fixed my phone to recovery ability is when I'll start messing around. I've been reading about your overclocking ROM, and all that good stuff, and would really like to try that out!


    SORRY! Another quick question, since I somehow wiped my stock recovery, doesn't that mean my phone will never be able to be the same as it was again? I mean, could I ever completely reset the phone as if it was brand new? Or will I forever be using a custom recovery? I think I've read somewhere, and I'd basically just need to get the recovery from someone else's phone, and I could follow the same process as for these custom recoveries, and have the stock one put back?(It doesn't really matter, I'm just curious if this is how this works.)

    Thanks in advance!
  7. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    There are a couple of active threads, like this one, that talk about restoring a bricked phone. That process uses a stock rom, including stock recovery image. You can restore your phone 100% to factory original.

    You can also unpack the .dz file to get the stock recovery image file which can be flashed like the other recovery images. Hell, I can do that! I just uploaded the recovery image for fun! <-- 2.3.3 stock recovery.

    If, for some reason, the 2.1 stock recovery is preferred, I have the one from v10d kicking around someplace too. An old thread from ages ago had a v10c recovery, if I recall correctly.
  8. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    We're setting a dangerous precedent here, offering better support to users than either Telus or LG has with regard to this phone :D Not only do they get timely and useful responses, they get them twice!
  9. Princepia

    Princepia New Member

    YAY! Great success, recovery successfully restored! Ding! My first ROM installed, the dsi's deodexed rom! Now, I'm trying to figure out if this is an improvement or not... my next issue now, after doing quite extensive google/forum searching, is lack of internal memory. I have about 40mb of space remaining, I have some APPS, but nothings MASSIVELY intense, and I don't go too app crazy. I want to install apps on my SD card, but from what I can tell...I am running 2.1, and I have to update to have this ability?

    Basically..is there anyway I can move APPS to SD through 2.1?

    I greatly appreciate this!

    I'm also wondering exactly what advantages I've received from flashing this ROM compared to stock?

    Thanks for helping out the newb.
  10. rymanh

    rymanh Well-Known Member

    yes! the support on here is way ahead of Telus' and light years ahead of LG.. There is a solution to almost every issue on android phones but unfortunately the carries advice is limited to non-rooted methods
  11. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member


    There's link2SD which works. But you have to repartition your SD card to have two FAT32 partitions. Read up on it. ;) It's an interesting solution for 2.1 users! Otherwise 2.3.3 has custom ROMs with App2SD support (Linux partition, faster response time)

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