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  1. 0zzMan

    0zzMan Member

    Sup Phandroid community, I have a Rooted Kindle, I utilized the KFU method and worked well with minimal stress lol.
    I changed the OS as well, am running the Jandycane ROM 4.1.1, I utilized the method found here "http://www .nextgenupdate.com/forums/android-discussion/573688-how-root-install-android-4-1-jandycane-kindle-fire. html ." And it went smooth as silk. Running Strictly, Google store, and 100% free of any Amazon apps.
    I love it and will use it till i can get the new Nexus 7.
    My question is, I have all of Amazons garbage out of there, and would love to be rid of that K.F. boot screen as well, is there a way ?
    I know it can be done with many Cell phones, My ZTE has a custom boot screen set up thanks to Phandroid.

    I know it may not be by the same process as say replacing the one on my ZTE, but in essence it should be similar right?
    This KF is a android device now for all intents and purposes, I would love to be rid of that fugly a** boot screen lol.
    So what do you guys think, is it doable ? :D

  2. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    bootanimation.zip is located in /system/media. so all youd have to do is find a boot animation you like for the kindle fire, change it to bootanimation.zip(delete the original one in that folder and replace with the new one. no unzipping required. reboot enjoy.
  3. 0zzMan

    0zzMan Member

    Hey, Thanks for the swift and informative reply.
    I am deeply grateful :D
  4. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    anytime. need any other help just stop by again.

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