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Warning Do not buy samsung Galaxy phone GT-I9003 a common bug without SOLUTIONGeneral

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  1. abdo2009

    abdo2009 Member

    Hay guys i have got GT-i9003 for about 9 months and no problems at all ... now recently i faced a bid problem with it which i was surprised that not only me have this problem, the mobile reboots itself and keeps frozen on the logo of samsung and not opening ... this problem is preceded by the pop up on the phone saying ( internal SD card unexpectedly removed) and i went to samsung center here and
    they said that this issue is very common on all GT-i9003 series and the only solution is to replace the main board of the phone because of corruption of the internal SD card and they also said that even after replacing it the problem will appear again because of the main board which are already in the market contain this malfunctioning SD card,,,, here is a link on youtube of the problem by another user

    " Internal SD card Unexpectedly removed " i9003, Samsung Logo - YouTube

    you can search youtube for (i9003 keeps restarting)
    also you can search google for (internal SD card unexpectedly removed)
    also you can read the user opinions on Gsmarena to see how many people have faced this issue .... hope i helped you all

  2. abdo2009

    abdo2009 Member

    thank you all
  3. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum abdo2009

    I've moved this to the galaxy sl forum:)
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  4. abdo2009

    abdo2009 Member

    Thank you Sir :)
  5. abdo2009

    abdo2009 Member

    any one have the problem recently ????
  6. abdo2009

    abdo2009 Member

    whaaaaat ??
  7. abdo2009

    abdo2009 Member

    the reviews are on GSMARENA
  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Owned a Galaxy SL for over a year. Nope, never happened to me. Sounds like internal memory got broken on you, maybe from fall or something.
  9. Umardsp

    Umardsp New Member

    Owned for Galaxy SL almost in 18 months. Firstly, get stuck after 1 month used. Go to samsung service center and replacing with the new one, good after sales service. After that on the next 6 month, the same problem appear. Go to service center, and repair internal sd card with the new one, there's no cost since still under warranty. After analyze, the problem exist while download "Go Launcher" application. Currently still fine, while your not download similar applications. But in my opinion there's a bud or corruption at internal storage.

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