WARNING! Do NOT reapply the update after updating!

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  1. Ilya

    Ilya Well-Known Member

    Yeah I had the widget issue too and just re-added them. My phone has been fine since.

    Same here.

    I think something is wrong with the phones that were bricked. The update itself is fine.

  2. Randymac88

    Randymac88 Member

    I installed the second update. The second time through I got through the first loading screen (with the progress bar), and then it moved on to the screen with the EVO and the green arrows circling it. And then it went black.

    I think I straight bricked it.

    Edit: To the questions above, the only thing that was different between what I did with the first update and the second was it was plugged in to the wall the second time around. Still no signs of life.

    Edit 2: Not rooted. Used ADW Launcher but that's the only non-standard thing that I had going on with the phone.
  3. clickclack

    clickclack Well-Known Member

    I updated, rechecked and clearly stated that no updates are available. Your first update must have failed or something. BTW, I'm not rooted or anything, just stock.
  4. sag7392

    sag7392 Well-Known Member

    Mine phone did the exact same thing. It took about 20 mins over WiFi, but it worked without any problems.
  5. tech1greek

    tech1greek Active Member

    I must have a fast 3G speed around the office; downloading only took 3min and installation about 10min.

    Turned off the scheduled updates, and the phone is much more responsive, oh and I can connect to Wireless - N. Not rooted. :)
  6. Twistax

    Twistax Well-Known Member

    IF you have ur contacts on ur google account, ur phone will pair automatically.
  7. drksilenc

    drksilenc Well-Known Member

    it wont brick it you just need to boot into bootloader mode and reset your phone
  8. Geek Goddess

    Geek Goddess Well-Known Member

    I don't think you were seeing two different updates. The first thing you saw was it asking if you wanted to DOWNLOAD the update. You said YES, then it downloaded similarly to how you download an app (with the download symbol in the notification bar). After it downloaded, it asked if you wanted to INSTALL the update you just downloaded. It wasn't asking to apply the update a second time. Once you said YES to that, it installed/applied the update. So, yes, there were two different things you had to say YES to, but they were part 1 and part 2 of the same update. :)

    BTW, I just did my update and the only problem I saw was the fact that my "beautiful" widgets came up with an error when Sense reloaded. So, I just moved them to the trash and re-added them. After that, all is well. :).

  9. Slylust

    Slylust Active Member

    after the update i am getting error code 67
    something about my pcs username and password being wrong any solution?
  10. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    My update was successful. However, it came back with a message that stated I needed to update again. I did not do this and my phone is fine so far.

    There have been reports of some phones AUTOMATICALLY updating a second time and the phone gets bricked. This is a bit worrisome, but the phone should ask whether you want to install the new update. For now, I would suggest to anyone that they DISCARD the new update if they already installed one.
  11. Cru

    Cru Well-Known Member

    Before I downloaded the update I turned off the "Scheduled Check" and then pressed the "Check Now" button to do the update.
    The download of the update took less than a minute over Wifi.

    Update started at 12:24PM and finished at 12:33PM, the last thing before the update was complete is the Sprint startup music and the "4G" logo was on my screen for probably 30-45 seconds followed by a successful startup. As soon as I pulled down the screen lock I received the "System software update" notification congratulating me on the update.

    First difference I noticed was Wifi is now performing way better.
  12. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    What happened with mine was upon installing the downloaded update I recieved an error msg stating that it was corrupted and needed to be reinstalled. That was how mine bricked. I am so sad. Not sure I want to go thru the whole Evo set up again with an inferior screen. The bricked phone had no issues til this morning.:(
  13. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Well-Known Member

    Update your profile
  14. Randymac88

    Randymac88 Member

    Not the case. I installed the first update and got the "update successful" message and yes, all my widgets wouldn't load and I replaced them. Then I went in to check for the second update, got the notification that it was available, downloaded it, started installing it, and now my phone is a paperweight.
  15. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    hummm, I updated my own EVO and my girlfriends EVO this morning, both went perfectly fine. Then went back after it was done and each phone was restarted and selected updates, just to double check I/we got everything, and we did. Her phone is a 002 and mine is 003, Both of which downloaded the update flawlessly. :)
  16. x081967

    x081967 Member

    I didn't realize an update was coming today so when I saw my phone was unresponsive (pressing the power button didn't do anything) I pulled the battery.

    Now I see my software number is still the old 1.32.651.6 but when I go to update my system software it says "Your phone is up to date".

    Any suggestions as to how to get the update even though my phone says it's up to date (but it's not)? Thanks.
  17. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Well-Known Member

    So I took the 3 day old phone back to BB. I had no intentions on getting a new one at this time (it would be my 4th), so I was going to park my number.

    Well when I got to BB they told me I could only park my number if I had hardware to park it on. So I say fine do you have anymore EVO's (no). I'm like whatever, just cancel the number and I'll buy a new one in about 2 weeks.

    In all my years I've never known a software update (not firmware) brick anything. I'm so depressed as I got the EVO as a birthday gift to myself.

    Now I have no cell phone and I've lost my number (I should have stayed in bed). :(

    By the time the white one comes out it should have all fixes applied, so maybe I'll just preorder that one.

    If you're curios my EVO issues were as follows.

    1. Screen was raised and the device would freak out if I was watching a video with the headphones on and received a call.

    2. The touch screen would just stop working. I found out later that might have been the grounding issue. The screen on that one looked like crap, hence my "003 Is not Glass post".

    3. Bricked by software update. I won
  18. mtntrekker01

    mtntrekker01 New Member

    How do boot into bootloader when the phone doesn't power on at all. If you suggest holding the down button and the power button at the same time...this doesn't work. Do you know of another way?
  19. SprintFun

    SprintFun VIP Member VIP Member

    Sticking this in hopes that people stop re-updating, since it seems like its happening more and more.
  20. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Well-Known Member

    As big as this problem is going to be the longer it goes on, maybe a board-wide mass email from the admins could help save a few/lot of people the agony if bricking their phone...?
  21. trife

    trife Well-Known Member

    I updated and everything seemed fine till i came on here

    there is a second update available when i manually check. it has the name supersonic, seems to repeat version numbers and is a zip file.
  22. oracleskateboard

    oracleskateboard Active Member

    my phone is bricked, sprint solution is to get a replacement, damn their QA department must suck ass so bad, why couldn't they do a simple check if(currentVersion == latest) {doNotShowUpdate();} this sucks
  23. grosey

    grosey New Member

    Mine bricked as well. From what I can tell, I did not request a second update. I downloaded the first update and walked away from the phone. I checked the phone a couple of times and saw the green download status screen. On my last check it was on the white screen that says "HTC Evo 4G."

    That was it. I brought it back to Best Buy and they were out of stock, so they gave me a Blackberry to use until the next EVO batch comes in.
  24. teky

    teky Well-Known Member

    I think this is HTC's update...not Sprint's. And the fact that the upgrade manager allows the updates to come across 2 times is a huge (and obvious) bug. This is going to be very costly for both Sprint and HTC. What a foul up.
  25. trife

    trife Well-Known Member

    this is exactly why we dont get feature updates as much as we should.
    a company's motto is if its not broke dont fix it. the run the risk of things happening like this so we get slow ass feature updates. This is going to make them even more shy now watch.

    hopefully they'll throw us a bone to calm down the storm of bad PR that is about to come there way.

    Me personally? i feel like updating twice just to get a new one and saying FU. but i wont. I've got a pretty good phone, no batttery, leakage or stability issues.

    HTC is really playing with their reputation on this evo

    After rebooting the phone, the second "update" is no longer available. Either they pulled the updates, or the phone needed to be booted from scratch. Perhaps it was suppose to go through another on/off cycle after the update, but the programmers forgot, or screwed it up. My phone has been on after the update for over an hour so I know it wasn't due to my impatience.

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