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Warning! Do not try the mobile hotspotTips

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  1. ccretur

    ccretur Member

    FWIW-If you try to access the mobile hotspot with a widget or whatever, you will lose mobile data access. The phone then has to be reset by VM CS (factory reset will not fix the issue). I just got off the phone with them (almost 2 hours) and got mine back to a new state, just like it came from the store. Activated again and back in business.

  2. axelxbc

    axelxbc Well-Known Member

    Wow! Same exact thing happened to me. Except the 3 reps I talked to on different phone calls could not figure out what was wrong! Instead they sent me a brand new phone. My "Quick Settings" App was the one that broke my data, So everyone be careful.
  3. bobloadmire

    bobloadmire Well-Known Member

    so Virgin fixed mine over the phone. The fix is dialing ##786# then entering your (what I believe is) MSL code. Mine was 222128, but i don't think it will work for other phones. Then clicking restore.
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  4. axelxbc

    axelxbc Well-Known Member

    Really wish they would of took me through those steps. I did get lucky tho and Virgin Mobile sent me a totally brand new unopened box. Called to make sure I heard the lady correctly over the phone the previous time when they set up the exchange, and they did in fact tell me to only send back the shell of the phone. Free Charger, USB cable, and Battery!
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  5. bobloadmire

    bobloadmire Well-Known Member

    nice, i'm sure they don't have refurbs yet.
  6. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

    you guys should work with the guy who makes FoxFi and help him find a work around.
  7. TacoBallZ

    TacoBallZ New Member

    I unfortunately found this thread too late! Grrr!! So I've tried calling Virgin Mobile several times and I have been promised a call back from their Engineering Dept in 24-28 hours "Rapid" response team. I guess is that what is the magic words I need to use with Support Calls that gets me to the right person who can give me my MSL. All the 2nd level techs I've spoke to said they can not provide me my MSL.
  8. mw6sense

    mw6sense New Member

    I found a website that lets me generate my MSL. Now, could you please tell me the rest of the steps to reset my phone so I can get back my data service? Thanks!
  9. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    What is the website for the MSL?

    And if you watch the video NNF linked she walks you through the steps.
  10. mw6sense

    mw6sense New Member

    Google whiterabbit. But I don't know the steps to reset so I have not verified that my MSL # is working yet.
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  11. WhisperPntr

    WhisperPntr Well-Known Member

    is the generated msl working for others? It is not working in my case
  12. TacoBallZ

    TacoBallZ New Member

    No luck here. I though I would have better chance getting the BBuy cell rep to ask for my MSL from VMo but apparently it would be easier to obtain state secrets than than the MSL for a 130$ phone :(
    I was told the VMo may have a fix but I will have to wait another day until they call me back on my work #

    Update: I tried BBuy again and luckily they had 1 last Elite left in the back storage room. It took some wrangling but they exchanged phones and I am still a very happy Optimus Elite owner
  13. WhisperPntr

    WhisperPntr Well-Known Member

    Glad it worked out for you taco. same thing happened to me as well and best buy in the end exchanged it.

    Devs should take a gander at the logcat messages from those willing to part with it. It may hopefully divulge more informaiton.
  14. demo3827

    demo3827 Member

    i call to VM today and the first person said that he dont know what i was talking about and them that they dont have that code and bla bla bla and i ask talk to the manager and i tell him that i just need the MSL cuz i want fix my phone and he say sorry and more sorry cuz the first person dont give me the code but they dont know cuz is new and ect lol but i dont know if my ADW launcher or Advance T Killer or Fancy widget or something is make me get error 104
  15. WhisperPntr

    WhisperPntr Well-Known Member

    The less you talk about MSL and the more you play dumb the better your chances of getting the reset when an engineer reaches you. That said many of us, myself included did NOT try to get the wifi hotspot enabled and instead was blocked when a feature in the app triggered the flag. Therefore if you just say that the data suddenly stopped working after you got all your apps installed you should get someone to reply to you in 3 days. Otherwise just get an exchange at either radioshack or best buy if you're within 30 days.
  16. kakapopo

    kakapopo Well-Known Member

    Deos USB tethering work?
  17. bobloadmire

    bobloadmire Well-Known Member

    So today i installed juice defender. Got my first error 67 after ownung the phone for 5 days. Funny thing is that i got the error once and it hasn't come back. Weird
  18. WhisperPntr

    WhisperPntr Well-Known Member

    I'd wait for data to work for a dev before trying it. But those who have tried foxfi and the like have stated that the flag is still turned on.
  19. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    Yes but, now someone else can't have one that could have bought that one. :(
  20. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info!
  21. ScottColbert

    ScottColbert Well-Known Member

    Also got this error tonight without any wifi hotspot or juice defender installed. I had connected my phone to my PC and was making a copy/paste of files from my phone to desktop. Once I finished that, I started getting the message. It was too late to call VM (after midnight when I did it), so I sent an email and will call in the morning as well.
  22. WhisperPntr

    WhisperPntr Well-Known Member

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  23. ScottColbert

    ScottColbert Well-Known Member

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