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Warning! Do not try the mobile hotspotTips

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  1. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I have been getting a 67 error now intermittently along with a 104 error. It hasn't caused any problems that I've noticed yet, but I need to call about it. I just loathe to call because I hate giving my PIN.

  2. ScottColbert

    ScottColbert Well-Known Member

    Be aware, and I'm sure you probably are, once you call in and they reset your phone, it wipes your phone. Spent an hour plus redownloading everything.
  3. phisherman81

    phisherman81 Member

    Is a rooted Elite able to use wifi tether?
  4. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Unknown, there are only a handful of rooted elites right now.
  5. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    I'm scared to try :p
  6. BliND123

    BliND123 Well-Known Member

  7. ktb83

    ktb83 Well-Known Member

  8. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    USB tether shouldn't give you the error 67 pop up, if your rooted wifi tether (wireless) shouldn't give you the error 67 either
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  9. WhisperPntr

    WhisperPntr Well-Known Member

    Is this confirmed by you or are is this hypothesized? If confirmed could you outline the app you used? Thanks in advance!
  10. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    I'm using wifi tether for root with no issue. Been tethering my nook color for a few days now
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  11. WhisperPntr

    WhisperPntr Well-Known Member

    Great to hear. Now the only thing that's left is the recovery and overclocking the cpu.
  12. LongYear

    LongYear Member

    My Optimus Elite is ROOTED and after turning on the Hotspot Butoon on the Battery Doctor App i immediately got the Error 67. I dont have Mobile Data and i can make calls, send and receive, aswell as send text messages.

    I have my MSL, i dont think i can do a master reset. So what can i do?
  13. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    ##diag## enter your msl code,then hit disable
  14. BliND123

    BliND123 Well-Known Member

    I had been using a hotspot app (ON ROOTED PHONE) I posted about in my thread (http://androidforums.com/elite-all-things-root/568288-what-apps-do-rooted-users-have-new-post.html) for a while and as I mentioned in a post I never had 3G turned on while using it. So I thought I'd try and see if I got a faster hotspot and that gave me error code 67. So it seems like if you turn on 3G while trying to make a hotspot then you will get the error code and have to reset. :p

    Not sure if this also applies to unrooted phones (the part about wifi tether working fine without 3G).
  15. LongYear

    LongYear Member

    I have it disableld, i tried enabling it and disabling with reboots. No data still.
  16. LongYear

    LongYear Member

    On my phone under Settings> Wireless&Networks> Mobile Data> unchecked to disable and tried to use my wireless teether without sucess. Checked it to enable and i still dont have data.

    I did a reset on the phone and everything is working fine now. Thank you for the thread. B
  17. Xeren

    Xeren Member

    Yes, using EasyTether right now.
  18. Murf1

    Murf1 Well-Known Member

    Could someone explain to me "If you try to access the mobile hotspot with a widget or whatever". I'm not sure what kind of app that is an I want to make sure I avoid it. More info please.
  19. etschuetz

    etschuetz New Member

    I have a "half fail" here. My laptop connected to WiFi tether perfectly. Tried to connect using my Transformer TF101 (did it on the Optimus V perfectly), and it won't connect. Honestly, the Transformer is the one I want to have the ability to connect with here. Not the laptop. I take the tablet everywhere. My laptop stays home.

    Shame FoxFi is a no go on here. I had to get my MSL from VM a couple weeks back because it killed my data.
  20. teh chem

    teh chem Member

    Bump for those that installed the most recent system firmware update (around Aug. 5-ish). Anyone still getting the Error 67 code if they install (and even use) a wifi hotspot app, like Quicksettings?

    When I installed quicksettings, I got the error, went through the process with customer support and asked them what happened to cause me to lose data, they said that it's a bug in the phone's software (no mention of it being caused specifically by a hotspot/tethering app). So the optimist in my would hope that this "update" would maybe "fix" this "bug" (if it's not an intentional thing in the first place).

    Any courageous takers...?
  21. HackADevice

    HackADevice Well-Known Member

    I was just wondering is this warning for wifi tether for rooted phones as well?
  22. OptimusElite

    OptimusElite New Member

    Here is where I stand, I am buying a new Virgin Mobile phone tomorrow and it is either going to the the LG Optimus Elite or the Motorola Triumph.

    First Question, which one would you all reccomend?

    I am set on getting the Elite except for the hotspot trouble I keep reading about on the site, this is making me lean towards the Triumph. I am frustrated because everybody is talking about having the problem but nobody is posting anything on how to avoid it. I've seen that certain apps trigger the hotspot, but that's all I've gotten.

    Second Question, What Apps trigger the hotspot?

    I am not going to purchase the phone if in a week I have to send it in for a new one. I currently have the LG Rumor Touch so I am not used to a smartphone which is the base of most of my confusion. I am looking to use this phone to go on the internet as in Espn, Ebay and basic sites, download the Twitter/Facebook apps, and text and call.

    Third Question, will doing these simple tasks trigger the hot spot problem?

    Most Importantly I am just looking for an answer on how to completely avoid having this happen if I purchase this phone.

  23. teh chem

    teh chem Member

    I would suggest the Elite. The Triumph has seen a lot of various problems ranging from maintaining a 3G data connection to maintaining a wifi connection, along with other issues. My brother in law has the Triumph and he is less than satisfied with it.

    So I would suggest the Elite. I found the Elite to be more than fine when coming from the LG Optimus V.

    As of now, my experience is just simply installing an app that can enable wifi hotspot generation, such as Quicksettings, may result in the Error 67 issue. But not necessarily all programs (I've only tried Quicksettings). But at the moment, the Error 67 isn't random--you'll have to actually download and install a 3rd party app from the Play store in order to even run into this issue. So if you don't try to accomplish wifi-hotspot generation, you should be just fine.

    You don't have to send the phone in if you happen to install a program that enables wifi hotspot generation and therefore the Error 67--VM phone support will walk you through the fix process which involves them giving you your MSL code and performing a factory reset (with will of course wipe your phone). But once you have the MSL code, if you run into this Error 67 problem, you can just go through the factory reset process yourself without phone support (if you remember or write-down the directions from the first time). You shouldn't need to exchange your phone handset unless something doesn't work with the factory reset (possible but unlikely).

    To put your mind at ease, general internet usage on your phone via 3G shouldn't do a thing to cause the error. My conspiracy theory is that since VM isn't really set up to easily monitor/prevent unauthorized 3G-wifi tethering/hotspot, they put a bug in the OS that corrupts a file when a program is installed that implements code to achieve a wifi hotspot. But "normal" usage with your phone won't trigger this. I never downloaded Quicksettings after performing the factory reset to remove the error 67 code on my phone, and I have not experienced the error 67 code. On the contrary, I have a custom launcher widget that has an option to turn on the wifi hotspot (I have not tried to turn on the wifi hotspot), and i have NOT gotten the error 67 code yet. Now, I don't know if this is because there's also been a system firmware update that was pushed out (in case this all was just an accidental situation, which I doubt). But I haven't tried to enable hotspot because at the moment I don't want to go through the factory reset process and have to manually restore my phone back to its current state...

    Get the Elite, don't get the Triumph, and just don't enable wifi hotspot and you should not have a problem. :)
  24. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    I really liked my triumph. Once it was rooted with a custom.Rom...

    The elite? Still have it . No root, no Rom. Works perfectly. No issues at all, and I've had it since it was released.
  25. AnciusD

    AnciusD Well-Known Member

    So don't install "Quick Settings" even if I don't use the hotspot feature?

    I currently have an Optimus V and use Quick Settings for the basic features but ordered the Elite today so I want to make sure.

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