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WARNING! Do not use ROM Manager!Tips

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  1. Chivalry10

    Chivalry10 New Member

    I bricked my phone using this...I was trying to partition my SD card and now I have a brick.
    Is there any way to reverse this? Trust me I feel enough like a tool for doing this that any guidance would be much appreciated. I'm new to this whole root thing so go easy on me :rolleyes:

  2. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    will it boot at all?
    can you get it to downloading mode?
    Hold Vol Down+ Camera+ Power untill you see yellow downloading text.

    If you can.. Send me a Private Message. Ill walk you through it
  3. seabee5184

    seabee5184 Member

    I rooted phone But how do I get rid of unwated apps from boost?
  4. casanova984

    casanova984 Member

    thanks for the info but what should i do now. cause i bricked my phone? please
  5. 76ford90lx

    76ford90lx Guest

    If the phone is completly dead and wont power on or power into download mode then sorry to say but your screwed and will have to send the phone back to samsung or buy a new one. If it does come on in download mode then use the ODIN method on the all things root page and you can restore your phone.
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  6. casanova984

    casanova984 Member

    thanks. i think I'm gonna have to send it in :mad:
  7. SpCowboy2842

    SpCowboy2842 Well-Known Member

    Like what 76Ford said, if it won't power on or go into download mode, then you will have to send it in for repair. Hopefully you have insurance on it or haven't had the phone too long. It might actually be cheaper to just buy a new one instead though. Whatever you do, just don't use ROM MANAGER for the ROMs or it will happen again....
  8. lthaga

    lthaga New Member

    Holy Crap! I can't believe I missed this thread!

    Downloaded ROM Manager and am hard bricked.

  9. lthaga

    lthaga New Member

    Just for more information on this issue.

    I downloaded the ROM MANAGER this morning. I fiddled with it, but did not select from the first link, which type of carrier or phone (I can't remember what it exactly asked of me) I had.

    None of what was listed looked like anything familiar to me. So, like an idiot, I just picked one. Something then downloaded in my phone.

    After that I closed the app and began downloading GO LAUNCHER. I then rebooted and was HARD BRICKED!
  10. lthaga

    lthaga New Member

    FYI: The first option in ROM MANAGER is called "Flash ClockWorkMod". If you choose the incorrect option in this category, you will end up bricking your phone. I haven't found a tutorial that correctly identifies which one works for the Samsung Prevail.
  11. 76ford90lx

    76ford90lx Guest

  12. SpCowboy2842

    SpCowboy2842 Well-Known Member

    Will the phone even power on? I know you said that it was "hard bricked", but....
  13. DXGypsy

    DXGypsy Well-Known Member

    Just a little outsider perspective...

    I have a Huawei Ascend and usually hang in that forum section. I'm here researching to mod my friends Prevail.
    I know Playful God's reputation well and have used his build religiously. (pardon the pun) So you can take his word on the RM being a good app if used correctly.

    I will advise all noob modders to read, Read, READ every thread they can. Then take a nap. Wake up. Eat your Wheaties. THEN READ SOME MORE!

    I read every mod thread I could for 3 weeks. I wrote questions in the forums and asked more after I got my answers. When I didnt understand what they said, I asked them to clarify. I made notes. wrote out the steps in order and then did 3 dress rehersal walkthroughs before I ever clicked the first step in the actual process...and guess what?

    I STILL screwed up a couple steps.

    And I went back and asked more.

    To the noobs on here, I did all this with an Ascend. A simple little phone thats damn near unbrickable, and even with all the prep theres still a chance to screw up.


    Modding a phone is very complex to a novice and you will find yourself on here writing a "Please Help Me!" thread if you dont take the time to do it right. Most of the people in the androidforums are very cool, patient and answer your questions without making you feel like an idiot for asking. SO ASK!
  14. phatt28

    phatt28 New Member

    used rom manager n now a
    i cant make a call or accept calls but everything else works fine wat can i do?
  15. phatt28

    phatt28 New Member

    my daughter had my phone n got in to rom manager dont know wat she did but i cant make or recieve calls everything else works fine just cant make or get calls.. can someone help plzzzzzzz
  16. SpCowboy2842

    SpCowboy2842 Well-Known Member

    Could it be possible that she put the phone into airplane mode instead and that's the reason that you can't make or receive calls?

    You could possibly use Odin to flash back to stock, or if you have Clockworkmod installed you might be able to just flash your recovery image, but this is all speculation with the limited information provided due to the unknown....
  17. michiganguy

    michiganguy Member

    Has anyone used ROM toolbox to get cyanogenmod 7? I want to get thie rom but dont want to screw my phone up. I am rooted stock right now on the pevail with 2.3.5. Thanks for the help.
  18. michiganguy

    michiganguy Member

    Do you think you can lead me to a step by step tutorial on this flashing mods? I have a prevail and just rooted after two weeks of reading on that. I really am interested in getting to know more about this but at the same time I dont want to brick my phone. I have no problem reading but there seems to be so much confusion on what is good for a prevail. Just wanting to get the most I can out of this phone that I swore Id never pay so much for. Dont get me wrong... I like it, but now its time to get a little more from it. Thanks for all that Ive learned in the last couple weeks. I appreciate the time that people are putting into this forum. I havent seen any death marches on here. Thats nice that people seem to know what theyre talking about on here.
  19. SpCowboy2842

    SpCowboy2842 Well-Known Member

    The only place that you can get Cyanogenmod for the Prevail is right here. None of the ROMs on any of the big name apps are compatible and you will brick your phone.
  20. Necrotoxin

    Necrotoxin Well-Known Member

    No. don't use any apps that don't support the phone to flash roms. As of now the only way to get cm7 for this phone is from hroark's thread. The only problem is, unless it changed because I've been away for a while, is that you can't flash cm over the gingerbread kernel.

    If that's still the case you can use odin to flash back to froyo with clockwork mod (there is a lot of info on how to do this in the forum) and then download and flash cm.

    I personally don't use cm so the best build I had, and was quite content with, was shabby mod 0.9 loaded with shabby's kernel and dta2sd and 3g supercharger.

    The majority of the mods we have available have little trip no chance of brick and even then most of them can easily be recovered using odin. Read into odin, always have your backup already downloaded and ready to go, follow instructions on the mods to a t and you should be fine.

    I was anxious my first time too but maybe start by trying out shabby mod, it's simple, quick and once you're done you'll feel a whole lot better about trying other mods.
  21. wyelkins

    wyelkins Well-Known Member

    Yeah. Take it slow. Read all you can. If you are on Froyo try out Shabby .9 It is the best for Froyo.

    Do Not use ROM manager. I bought it when I first got my phone. Uninstall it. You can not use it with the Prevail for anything worth keeping. It will brick your phone.

    Install CWM recovery using Odin to back up your stuff. Use the TB app to backup your apps. Learn to use the Kouma Odin Packer to backup your phone. Backup your SD card to a PC.


    Then consider upgrading to GB using Odin. Try CTMOD and CM7.

    Explore using sd-ext to extend your memory using either A2SD or Link2SD.

    Also for CM7, S2E or the Hroark solution.

    Take your time, but get your backup situation figured out.

    Uninstall ROM manager now!

    Have fun!

    Edit: oops sorry, I see you are already on GB, good. Disregard the Froyo stuff.

    But still backup and uninstall ROM manager.
  22. josue338

    josue338 Member

    i bricked mi prevail so i got a transform ultra
  23. makeshiftpat

    makeshiftpat Member

    I'm trying to get clarification. When I search the market or app store for cwm rom manager is what comes up. When I download rom manager there is something to do with cwm in that app. Are you saying there's a different app to download?
  24. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    Do not use that app to try and put cwm on your phone, you will be very unhappy and your phone will not work, at all.

    If you want to put cwm on your phone use

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  25. Necrotoxin

    Necrotoxin Well-Known Member

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